How Can We Watch and Not Get Frustrated

I couldnt help myself yeasterday, I screamed at the Top of My Lungs 4 or 5 maybe 6 times and my Fiance told me she was going to turn the T.V, off if I didn't start acting like a human being.

- Ellis on Special teams, what are you doing, let the ball hit the ground and roll out of bounds, or let the guys that know how to return, return dumb play and probably was my breaking point.

 - The only players on this defense that are worth keeping right at the moment are Paully P (Man is this kid a tackling machine or what) Leodis McKelvin (I know he got burned but he played man up with Braylon all day, and made some serious hits) Dwan Edwards (Probably the best decision this regime has made to date). We have to move Williams over to where Stroud plays and let Torrell Troup get beat up for a year so next year he hits the gym hard and comes back with a chip on his shoulder.

- I have never been so frustrated with a D.C as I am with George Edwards, every single third and long we had yesterday Rex braught the pain and we struggled!  Every third and long New York had we are in Nickel, standing back and letting Mark Snachez pick us apart. If Singletary gets fired we better hire him as our D.C., enough said.

 - Chris Kelsay got burned so many times I lost count the best was the option play, Chris they teach you this in high school stay in the middle don't commit and make the player make a decision, Chris bites on Brad Smith Brad tosses to Shonne and they get a first down. I in my lifetime of watching the Bills, I have never been so frustrated watching this guy play defense, and he has the nerve to fill in Coleman when the kid is out of position, unbeliveable.

 - For anyone that has ever chirped or said anything bad about Paul Posluszny take it back. He was everywhere for our D yesterday, shedding blockers making tackles everywhere, and still George Edwards insists on blitzing him up the gut, can you not figure it out, this guy needs space and when he has space he makes plays quit throwing him into the logg jam and let him do his thing!

 - How about that play to David Martin, way to go Chan you called one good play all afternoon, we couldn't pick up the Blitz if our life depended on it; like you watch Baltimore vs Pitt; and yes I changed the channel every so often becuase I was sick of watching the Bills get smacked; and Flacco recognizes blitz, calls Heap over and because of it, he hits Housmanzadeh for a game winning TD, All becasue he recognozed overload blitz, WOW how can a QB do that, theres no way he could have saw and overload blitz coming, unbeliveable.

- If your going to have 3 capable running backs how about we just dont play with a QB, im down for that, run the option offense with Spiller, Jackson and Lynch. I mean if our QB is going to lead the team in rushing might aswell have a RB doing all the running and who knows maybe just maybe they might be able to run a better offense then Ryan Fitz, speaking of Ryan Fitz becasue this season is becoming a wash we might aswell get Briam Brohm thrown into the fire to so he can fail miserably then  we can just liquidate and have a 100% roster turnover.

- you know I came into this season with some serious optimism, Change at HC which we needed, change at D.C. which we may not have needed but it seemed like the right idea, change of GM which we desperatly needed and you get excitied about it and your anxious because the season is about to start and you think we are gunna do this this Bills team is going to succeed but what we forget is that this roster is just plain not talented and we have so many glaring holes that even the most optimistic person in the world has to become a realist.

- Im not to concerned with the Kelsay signing because if Seattle can realize hey we shouldn't have paid T.J so much money, we are going to release him, we can always release Kelsay.

- How about the other two 0-4 teams the 49ers and the Lions lets give them a call and see if we can make some swaps, maybe trade with them to see if we can become the official worst team in the league. Hand them some assets for some high picks and make it happen in the draft.

- Its almost becoming evident that Jairus Byrd is a one hit wonder, hes constantly out of position and really doesnt help his CB's and it makes me really mad! for a ball hawk he certanly doesn't have the hawk type vision or instincts!

 - How many more pass interference calls can we let Drayton Florence get away with before he gets benched so far he has at least 1 in each game and to be honest thats just not acceptable, play your man and if you get beat you get beat because taking a P.I. penalty right at the goaline is like getting scored on anyway!

- Oh 1 last thing, O Line its called a stunt, when the end comes in on an angle and hits you, the chances of someone blitzing the gap you just got hit out of is pretty good, and just because a LB doesn't dip his shoulder right away doesn't mean hes not going to blitz, its called a delayed blitz. and when you create that space in the middle of the field its called a pocket, I know it doesn't happen often because you can't recognize a delayed blitz or a stunt but when it happens try to hold the pocket for a couple seconds, so the so called QB we do have in the game can at least have a chance to make a play.

If you feel I missed something please feel free to let me know becuase to be frank, this is slowly starting to look like the so called experts said it would be The Bills are the worst team in the league.

P.S. Buddy don't draft a QB in the first round if you don't address some other defenincies, because with the way things are going we are going to need to replace about 40 bodies before this team is competitive.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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