Staying on Track and Eventually Staying The Course

Buddy Nix makes one trade and suddenly we have the most active front office in the NFL, let's trade away our entire roster and completley give up on a season thats just begun?

I agree that Lee Evans needs to be on his way out, and you know what aquire another 4th if thats the asking price, because we need to turn this roster over but in time not right away. 4th round picks make rosters and play look at Hernandez for the Patriots look at Campbell for the Raiders you can get legit players in the 4th especially in this day and age when teams draft for potential not for actual talent.

When Thurman Thomas went on the radio and said that we need about 40 new players he wasnt over exagerating he was pretty darn close to being on the mark.

I agree whole heartedly with Brian that guys like Troup, Carrington and Urbik need more time but at the same time they at least better show some competentcy when they are on the playing field. Throwing rookies to the wolves can be effective but it can also be detremental. Troup needs to get beat up in there and make him realize he's not in college anymore and he needs to be in the gym everyday and eating a bit more to become a vintage hole clogger.

With Kyle WIlliams and Dwan Edwards im not as concerned with Carrington but if this kid can be taught the 3-4 End position we have put ourselves in a good situation for replacing Dwan when hes on his way out.

If this team allows Paul poz to leave via free agency I will strongly consider my allegiance to this football team! he is far to talented to let just walk away we dont have that type of freedom in this rebuilding stage. Ive said it before and i will say it again every LB on this team aside from Poz is a stop gap.(Maybe Batten too, but I have no idea) 

Maybin this is the one thing I still dont understand, he's 3X the athlete Torbor, Kelsay, Ellis are why does he not get a shot at OLB? Please someone answer this for me. I understand hes a tweener but hes fast, he's mobile, I dont get it.

Moving on, This team does not need to have a fire sale! we need to stay competitive for the sake of the franchise we need to play each week and play hard and develop some swagger some positive vibes going into the off season, ala the Detroit Lions this is a team that went into the draft with the 2nd overall pick, signed some free agents and is well on its way to turning a new leaf. yes the Qb is in place but the kid hasn't even played a full season so what are they doing, they're playing good football with Shawn Hill, losing but playing good football. while having good players in good positions that will be good for a long time.

With a lockout looming the chance of us getting a top 5 pick this offseason and possibly a shot at getting the 1st overall pick in the year following we just need to stay the course. Buddy is a proven talent evaluator his body of work speaks for itself.

With 16 picks in the next 2 drafts with the possibility of adding 2 more there is a real good chance of hitting on at least 3 or 4 solid NFL calibre talents (hopefully more, but realistically) so I know I have not been the only one that thinks we are 4 or 5 players away from being seriously competitive so in all reality we could sign 3 maybe 4 players and draft 3 or 4 serious talents in the next 2 years a turn from being laughed at to the ones doing the laughing. 

IT JUST TAKES TIME AND PREPARTION. But at the same time it takes consitency and leadership, leadership all the way down from the GM to the Long Snapper.  

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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