I Married CJ Spiller...

...and it looks like I may have to consummate that marriage soon. I need a little marriage counseling from the guru's of Buffalo Rumblings before I make a fool out of myself in the proverbial bed.

 We have an interesting rule in our fantasy football league, it's called the Player of the Future tag (POF). If you draft a rookie and declare him your "POF" you are stuck with the guy, for better or for worse, for at least two years (amongst other detriments). The good news is you get to continually re-draft him in the 12th round every year moving forward. I figured Spiller being a top ten pick this year had to be a stud, and given the Bills need for a spark on offense, I figured it would be sooner rather than later.

Here's the crux of the problem; our bench space is greatly limited, so sitting on a player that you can't play hurts...badly. When I said "I do" to Spiller I committed him to one of those precious bench spots for two-freaking years. I have a chance to seriously upgrade my QB by trading away one of my current staring-caliber running backs (LeSean McCoy, Steven Jackson, LaDanian Tomlinson). If I make the trade, CJ will have to be the man for two bye weeks, or even every week if one of my starters goes down. With Lynch going bye-bye to the Seahawks I am optimistic that CJ may have some value as a starter this year, but Fred Taylor's role as a Sancho is enough to keep me from pulling the trigger on the trade. There is some light to the situation; our league rewards individual players for kick returning, especially TD's. But I would still need CJ to average better than 75 yards per game rushing/receiving (combined) and score at least a half a dozen rushing/receiving TD's over the remainder of the season to have even minimum value.

After drafting CJ, I joined the Buffalo Rumblings so I could get the best and most accurate information available on the web. I am a loyal member of Arrowhead Pride, yet I find myself checking your blog almost as often. I can totally empathize with Bills fans', the Chiefs have been terrible the last three years and I am impressed to see the zeal with which you still support your team despite having the rug constantly pulled out from under you. Please take a minute to offer up your honest opinion on CJ's value in the coming 12 weeks. I'm certain next year he will be a stud, and am happy with my decision to POF tag him, but it looks like I may have to count on him sooner than I planned. Would you make the trade and count on CJ to perform right now? What should I expect from him from here on out?

Thank you, my brothers and sisters in heart-breaking fandom,


P.S. Looks like you have a new Bill's fan, at least for the next two years anyway!

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