Newsflash! The Bills aren't going to make the playoffs.

Ok, we all knew that February.  The only question was, what would this season bring?  At 0-7, this season has gone about as well as I could have hoped.  Here's why:

The BIlls need talent.  Years of poor drafting has left us lacking talent in many areas.  Having the Bills end up with a Top 5 pick was what we all knew we needed, but nobody wants their team to suck that bad.  I would argue the Bills DON'T suck that bad (more on that in a moment) AND we're going to likely get a top 5 pick. 

Furthermore, this could be the best season in league history to end in the bottom if a player strike occurs.  Obviously I hope like hell it doesn't, but if it does and the Bills get to draft high two consecutive years, that would be QUITE an infusion of talent (presuming we draft at least reasonably well).

As I mentioned, I don't think the Bills are that bad.  I've been watching the BIlls for years and these last few weeks I've enjoyed watching them more than I have since Drew B. came into town.  Our offense is way better than I expected, our new H.C. is everything I hoped for: an offensive guru capability of bringing out potential where others saw none, and a guy who preaches, expects, and gets toughness out of his players, and holds them accountable when he doesn't.

We also needed a season like this to find some diamonds in the rough.  Fitz is one, a lot of us underestimated his capabilities this off-season.  Given what we've seen out of him, I think it would be foolish to under (or over) estimate his capabilities until the rest of this season plays out.  But frankly, I enjoy watching him a hell-uv-a lot more than T. Collins, AVP, JP, or Capt. Checkdown, so at this point, I could def be OK with a few years of Fitz.  S. Johnson, R. Parrish, and D. Nelson  were all guys we didn't expect much out of.  Now they look to be a solid WR core.  Levitre and Wood continue to show improvement and solid potential.  We also stole Ubrik which could be key for getting Wood over to center next season.  Yeah, D-bell is no all-pro right now, but he's serviceable and may be able to be more if he improves with the experience of the rest of the season.  I also think Gailey is a diamond in the rough.  Yeah, there were other big-name guys we wanted more, but I really like the steps Gaily has this team taking:  getting tougher, less penalties (except for Florence), making our offense respectable, holding players accountable, etc.

Defensively, we suck bad.  There's no way around it.  However, give us one good OLB... and a great one, and suddenly our D could be respectable.  There's nothing respectable about the way our OLBs are playing right now, that's for damn sure.  Kelsay is a joke and resigning him instead of Poz was a huge black mark on this new regime in my book, but I'm willing to look past that if they continue to make smart decisions moving forward...and if they cut/bench Kelsay as soon as they have someone to replace him.

Overall, I'm excited about this team's potential, I'm excited for our potential draft position, and I'm excited to watch the rest of this season, even if we lose every game...but frankly, even if we end the season 1-15, and the 1 win is against N.E. in a meaningful game (for them at least) it will be our best season in 7 years.

PS.  I am def sick of hearin people rip on Poz, and Whitner.  Poz is a SOLID MLB who has to make up for the deficiencies of his fellow LBs.  Whitner def tweets too much and was drafted too high, but that shouldn't take away from the fact that he's a solid SS.

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