Early shot at a 2011 Mock Draft

So I know it's early but I can't help myself.  I want to start by saying I have purchased my tickets to the Ryan Fitzpatrick bandwagon BUT that doesn't mean I think he is the LONG TERM solution at QB - I do think it is another year before we draft a long term solution however.  The FO put it best - Fitz isn't the problem, we need to surround him with weapons.  That being said - here goes nothing.

Rd 1: A.J. Green, WR, UGA - This is a BPA pick right here but can you blame the FO?  We need players and if we are giving Ryan Fitzpatrick another year (I am) to prove himself then we need to give him more weapons.  Green would be able to step into the #2 WR position at day open the slot for Roscoe Parrish and Steve Johnson.

Rd 2: Matt Reynolds, OT, BYU- We have needed a solid OT for a while now and I do think that our Tackle by Committee is doing admirably we need to start investing on keeping the QB upright and let plays develop.  I think the main reason why Spiller has been mediocre at best is the rush from the outside.

Rd 2: (Trade Rd3 and Rd5 to get into Rd2) Janoris Jenkins, CB, UF- I know this is the pick everyone is going to complain about and its the one pick I would be willing to change (I would be willing to take a OLB here and a CB in Rd 4 but our youth at the LB position in general is deep I would rather spend a high pick where we need an immediate impact over pushing young players down the depth charts) but hear me out and look at the rest of my draft.  We have several expiring contracts at the end of this year and I have not been blown away by Leodis McKelvin.  I think Jenkins can step into a nickel/dime position and eventually push Leodis for playing time.  Our pass defense has been atrocious and we need play-makers out there.  

Rd 4: Kenny Rowe, 3-4 OLB, Oregon- An underrated prospect on a great team he has proved the ability to get to the QB (11 sacks last year, 6 sacks this year)  He also has the athleticism to keep up with a TE - something no one has been able to do in Buffalo as of yet.

Rd 4: Casey Matthews, ILB, Oregon- The Oregon round, I wanted his brother a few years back and if he does anything close to what his brother does in the pros then we have a partner next to Paul Posluszny for years to come.  He has put up solid numbers this year and I think could become a good player.

Rd 6: Ryan McMahon, C, FSU- This guy used to play DL so it's a developmental pick but who better to run the O-Line and read stunts and blitz's than a former D-Lineman.  Hopefully he would be able to step up and push Geoff Hangartner down the road.

Rd 7: Josh Nesbitt, HB, GT- I AM NOT DRAFTING NESBITT AS A QB!  Hear me out.  I think the wildcat would look a lot better with Nesbitt in the mix and he is a player you have to account for and scheme against and the more play-makers we can get on this team the better we will be.  Plus the GT connection might be enough for Chan Gailey to take a flyer on him.


There you have it - I think our team would look a lot better with that draft and we would be one step closer to fixing some of our holes across the board.  Take it away pessimists!

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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