some a few rants with a little bit of rave with a kinda mock at the end

first off i gotta say steve johnson is really coming along and i already forgot about that guy we drafted a few years ago ahead of him 

next is for the life of me i cant get a win  in my fantasy league ( trents checkdown ) everytime i score big points my opponent scores just a little bit more i hate you eli manning why cant you just slide like your big brother  

fitzy always seems to play better while playing from behind or maybe the coaching is better when we're behind i dont know it seems odd though 

chris kelsey if i dare say it actually is starting to look like a football player

now thats over with  

i know nix doesn't like to trade all over the place  but i think that is whats needed rather than trying to shoehorn players in to our draft spots

many teams are looking for qb's this draft  arizona minnesota  seattle san francisco tennessee washington cincinnati  carolina   oakland <kinda maybe 

and should look into trading back and picking up picks especially is andrew luck is not available at our pick 

the positions of need on this team are a lot less than what i thought we needed 

high priority 

pass rushing linebacker

qb of the future

2 tackles to block for the qb

medium priority 

stack and shed linebacker

a man coverage corner

tight end 

low priority 

d-line depth that can actually make the field

o-line depth that can actually block 




my high priority big board by position 


andrew luck stanford 

jake locker washington 

ryan mallett arkansas 

pat devlin delaware 

nick foles arizona 

andy dalton tcu

ricky stanzi iowa

jerrod johnson  texas a&m


pass rushing linebacker 

von miller texas a&m 

akeem ayers ucla

mark herzlich boston college 

robert quinn north carolina 

steven friday virgina tech

jeremy beal oklahoma 

dontay moch nevada 


 offensive tackle

derek sherrod missippi state

joseph barksdale lsu

darius morris temple 

anthony castanzo boston college 

gabe carimi wisconsin 

matt reynolds byu

demarcus love arkansas

jason pinkston pittsburgh

nate solder colorado 


this draft as long as luck is not in are future 

we should start with the tackle position with the first two picks then go pass rushing olb in the 3rd or second depending on how far we trade back and available players then build the dline to have a solid rotation that resembles the ravens dline after that we should get are man coverage corner and a tight end then draft depth after so my mock would look something like 

traded back 12 spots thinking with arizona or minnesota should end up there and the trade i had in mind goes we get their 1st 2nd 5th and we swap 3rds 

round 1 pick 15 

 buffalo selects derek sherrod ot missippi state

round 2 pick 3 

buffalo selects gabe carimi ot wisconsin 

round 2 pick 15

buffalo selects curtis brown cb texas 

round 3 pick 15 

buffalo selects  steven friday olb virgina tech

round 4 pick 3 

buffalo selects cedric thornton de central arkansas 

round 4 pick 12 <--- from seattle

buffalo selects dj williams te arkansas 

round 5 pick 3 

buffalo selects davon house cb new mexico state 

round 5 pick 15

buffalo selects mario harvey ilb marshall

round 6 pick 3

buffalo selects kristofer o'dowd c usc  

round 7 pick 3

buffalo selects alex wujciak illb maryland  

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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