The 2011 Mock Madden Draft Experiment v1.0

So much earlier this year, I wrote a short piece about need vs. value drafting.  One of the things that came out of that post was the idea of ranking players according to their individual strength, arranging them by position and looking to see just what position would most benefit from the drafting of some particular player.  One idea on how to rank these players was to grab their Madden Rankings as jumping off points, adjust them according to how we think a player has improved or regressed and gone from there. 


So I thought we could start that here:


I grabbed the Bills Madden ratings for their starting day roster, eliminated as many people as I could who were traded away/cut, etc. and put it in a spreadsheet. 


First a bit about how the ratings work:  I only took the overall rating number-as avid fans know there are 20 or so different ratings that make up an individual overall rating (running backs are better runners than throwers, etc.).  I figured sticking to the overall ratings was easier to work with.


The ratings are also a lot like schools grades:  Those with a 90 or above are considered excellent, elite players.  80-89 are Solid Starters, good players.  70-79 average players, usually subs.  Below 70, well, you get the picture. 

As you can imagine, Buffalo doesn't have very high numbers.  For those players who didn't have ratings in Madden, I opted to give them a score of 50 to start with-well below any sort of impact rating, it's just a place holder.  These are obviously players (for the most part) who haven't done anything to deserve a better grade-but I'm hoping that we can figure it out here. 


What I would like to do (or, more accurately, for you all to do) in the comments is:


a.) point out mistakes (i.e. someone isn't on the team, or is on IR).

b.) list any changes to the scores you would make that amount to more that 3 points either way (I think 3 points is the minimum to actually be noticeably better than the number listed.  Less than that, I think is within the realm of statistical error); and

c.) which position you think is most important to the team.  As was discussed in the previous post, a modest upgrade at QB might be better than a huge upgrade at safety (or vice versa).  Namely, not all positions are equal.  Give your best pitch as to what position needs to be improved most on the team-and use the numbers to help if you like!

At the end of the season, I'll post the original numbers along with our mid season adjustments, and we'll have one more opportunity to adjust.  That'll give us a solid starting point for Free Agency and the Draft, and an informed basis to work from when offering our opinions on who Buffalo should take/what they should be doing.

Here then, are the Bills grades by position:



# Name Pos Age Status Grade
63 Hangartner, Geoff C 28 Active 74
38 McIntyre, Corey FB 31 Active 70
44 Ferguson, Rodney FB 24 Practice 50
67 Levitre, Andy LG 24 Active 79
69 Meredith, Jamon LT 24 Active 66
77 Bell, Demetrius LT 26 Active 74
60 Urbik, Kraig OL 25 Active 50
66 Watkins, Jason OL 25 Practice 50
68 Howard, Cordaro OL 23 Active 50
71 Wang, Ed OL 23 Active 50
4 Brohm, Brian QB 25 Active 65
10 Brown, Levi QB 23 Active 63
14 Fitzpatrick, Ryan QB 27 Active 70
21 Spiller, C.J. RB 23 Active 79
22 Jackson, Fred RB 29 Active 83
42 Anderson, Andre RB 22 Practice 50
70 Wood, Eric RG 24 Active 81
74 Green, Cornell RT 34 Active 73
80 Martin, David TE 31 Active 50
87 Myers, Rob TE 24 Practice 50
88 Stupar, Jonathan  TE 26 Active 53
89 Nelson, Shawn TE 24 Suspend 70
11 Parrish, Roscoe WR 28 Active 64
13 Johnson, Steve WR 24 Active 59
17 Hubbard, Paul WR 25 Practice 50
18 Roosevelt, Naaman WR 22 Practice 50
19 Jones, Donald WR 22 Active 50
83 Evans, Lee WR 29 Active 83
86 Nelson, David WR 23 Active 50


Defense and Special teams


Name Pos Age Status Grade
McGee, Terrence CB 29 Active 83
Youboty, Ashton CB 26 Active 65
Corner, Reggie  CB 26 Active 63
McKelvin , Leodis CB 25 Active 81
Florence, Drayton CB 29 Active 68
Harris, Dominique CB 23 Practice 50
Johnson, Spencer DE 28 Active 50
Stroud, Marcus LE 32 Active 82
Carrington, Alex RE 23 Active 65
McCargo, John RE 27 Active 65
Edwards, Dwan RE 29 Active 79
Russell, John LB 23 Practice 50
Ayodele, Akin LB 31 Active 50
Torbor, Reggie LB 29 Active 50
Coleman, Antonio LB 24 Active 50
Moats, Arthur LOLB 22 Active 59
Kelsay, Chris LOLB 30 Active 67
Ellis, Chris  LOLB 25 Active 58
Posluszny, Paul MLB 25 Active 86
Davis, Andra MLB 31 Active 78
Ellison, Keith MLB 26 Active 69
Maybin, Aaron ROLB 22 Active 60
Williams, Kyle NT 27 Active 79
Troup, Torell NT 22 Active 63
Byrd, Jairus FS 23 Active 87
Wilson, George FS 29 Active 72
Corto, Jon S 26 PUP 50
Harris, Cary S 23 Active 50
Whitner, Donte SS 25 Active 83
Scott, Bryan SS 29 Active 80



Name Pos Age Status  
Lindell, Rian K 33 Active 80
Moorman, Brian P 34 Active 90
Sanborn, Garrison LS 25 Active 50

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