A Couple Of Things I Feel That Have Gone Unnoticed

Hey guys/girls it feels like its been a while since I made a post, and since I feel like I am a veteran of the site now i've come to realize a post a month is ok as long as it has some substance to it, I got over the 3 posts a day feeling that happens as soon as you become a member because it feels like an eternity since you were able to rant and rave about your beloved Bills. As soon as you've been on the site long enough you come to realize that you are 1 in about 10,000 fans or more on this site that absolutly love the Bills and everything about them. Enough of my interlude heres what I want to say.

The last 2 weeks the Bills have not only won but they've done things two completly different ways towards getting the W and I am here making this post to address that. Now before I go any further i would like to say that our wins did come against teams with the same record as us but a win is a win and they mean the same in the standings. (Now if we beat Pitt on Sunday I will be extatcic)

There is one thing that has been constant in our 2 wins and his name is Freddy Jackson, Freddy runs for a 100 and we win (what a surprise), it's amazing what a running game can to for a teams confidence and defence. But I'm not here to talk about that, I'm here writing this to talk about how completly different our 2 wins were in one game we led the whole way and while we had some bumps we still held on to win, and in our other game it seemed like we were getting blown out then boom all of a sudden we have the lead and to me that says a whole lot about a couple of guys and a couple of things this team has stood for since the beginning of the year.

First thing is first, Chan Gailey and Buddy Nix deserve alot of credit for this and especially the Cinci game but even in the Lions game, it's been a long and tiring process but Chan and Buddy have almost almost eliminated all the bums on this team all the guys they felt were either not good enough or didn't give enough effort and boy did it show on Sunday and last Sunday, Not for one down did this team show any signs of quit or getting frustrated, Fitzy throws that pick to Joseph for the score and he goes to the sideline says something to Chan and boom he was ready to get back at er. In the Lions game he was not playing well at all its raining its cold and his team needs him to just sustain a couple of drives and Chan comes out and changes his gamplan completly starts running more then passing takes a few shots deep down field to stretch out the D to open up the running game, Blitzing Shawn Hill doing things we havent seen this team do all year, but adjustments are needed to win in this league. (I know its only two wins but a comeback like that really says something)

Secondly, Freddy Jackson, Ill say his name again, Freddy Jackson. It seems no matter what happens to this guy he always seems to make the best of every situation he's put in. He starts the year hurting his hand on like his second play of the year, shrugs it off and has a tough first week against Miami basically gets benched in favor of Marshawn and Spiller, he waits it out and still plays hard, Marshawn gets traded then he gets thrusted back into the starting role and they barley give him the ball, but everytime he touches the ball he seems to make something out of nothing then Spiller gets hurt and whatta ya know Freddy has his two best games of the season(Running for over a 100 yds in both contests and getting to the house more then ever). Every time I watch a Bills game it amazes me how this guy always makes something out of nothing, hes better at that then any player in the league I have seen. (other then maybe Micheal Vick but he has the advantage of being a QB)

Thirdly now this is a multiple of things but guys like Drayton Florence, Chris Kelsay, Ryan Fitz have all showed the determination and leadership that an 0-8 team needs going forward and to see Kelsay after weeks and weeks, maybe even years of being the Bills fans favorite whipping boy, He's starting to put it together and starting to show hes a legitimate player, Florence who was having a tough season (I know Calvin lit him up but he didn't give up), and kinda still is, but I guarantee you this that fumble return for a TD has him on cloud 9 and for Fitzy to go back to where he literally played himself out of a job and throws 2 picks in the first half and probably would have put anyone else in the gutter, but FItzy comes back in the second half and has probably one of the best 2nd halves a QB has had in a while and by a while I mean at least a couple of years. He has probably his worst game of the year against the Lions but when this team needed drives he provided completing timely passes and just helping the offense in any way he could.   

And last but not least My favorite Bill Paully P, this guy no matter what the situation is still continues to be the best player on the field at all times, week after week, leading this team in tackles, never giving up on plays when he absolutly destroyed Cedric Benson when his team is down by 21 or maybe completly neutrilizing Jahvid Best and the Lions running game. I mean there is no quit and and no giving up in this guy and thats why I have complete faith that this Bills team will turn it around alot sooner then later.

I know we are still devoid of talent at numerous positions, but Nix's constant watch on this team and his ability to realize his mistakes, Cornell Green, Trent Edwards and his growing confidnece within his own locker room this team is going to be ok.

and Im just goin to throw this out there but has anyone else noticed since we picked up Merriman we are 2-0 and I know he hasn't played a down and he hasn't even had a full practice but just Buddy going out and claiming him said something to these players, just throwing it out there.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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