Silence of the Fans Two

Ham and turkey stuffed, stomachs rounding off in places unnatural, the first step in our annual weight gain program is now behind us (with more still yet to come).  More than 24 hours since deadening our senses with massive quantities of food, the task of stringing Christmas lights up around the house this weekend seems more than just a little daunting.  At least today it does.  On this day, the day after our gluttonous adventures, physical labor of any kind is out of the question.  At least it is for me.

For those that participated in Black Friday events, as I had done for the first time in my life this morning, the day began way too early.  If you think an 0-8 record is irritating, the crowds at 4 AM are far more capable of arousing my bad side.  I worked hard to summon a calm exterior that could disguise the Yeti just beneath my skin.  I almost went "Jim Mora" a couple of times.  I won't ever participate in Black Friday again... but that's another story for another message board.

There was little time to voice concerns on this blog about the upcoming game... and if there was time, there was no energy.  To sit in front of a keyboard and type out letters that would make any sense once strung together was too much to expect from most of us.  But even if Thanksgiving were not celebrated, I suspect a pregame silence would still exist.

Certainly the Steelers boards are buzzing with excitement about their certain win over our 2 and 8 Bills.  "Ben this" and "Ben that", "Hines this", and "Hines that"... but they've earned their right to spew support in any fashion they desire.

But us, the fans of the Buffalo Bills, well we just wait quietly for kickoff against one of our toughest challenges to date.  I don't want to predict anything positive or negative about this weekends game.  A negative blog would betray my loyalties to my team and my desire for more of that "Fitzmagic", while an optimistic blog might curse the team to crash and burn. Superstition?  Perhaps a little.  But make that gutsy call gone wrong and watch the Rumblers point their cyber fingers in your chest.  After all, these are the Steelers our team is playing.

No proud fans, I'm not looking for lively debate... not at least until after this game is played.  Too many questions will be answered on Sunday... so why waste time arguing the meanings before this games outcome.  It's understood, at least by me, why there are fewer posts on this site in the last several days than any other time throughout this season.

Blame it on the long weekend, if you wish.  But I think it's more than that.  Like students waiting for their final grades to be posted, we are collectively holding our breaths, not saying a word until we know what exactly needs to be said.

So after all of this you ask me why am I then posting this blog?  Cause it's almost 11 PM on Friday night, and I'm bored.  So if no one here is going to give me something worth reading and commenting on, then I'll break the silence and entertain myself (don't go there).

I hope that you all had a great turkey day filled with those you are closest to and I look forward to reading your posts throughout this next week.

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