Its Tuesday and I'm Talking About Somebody Other Then Steve Johnson

The most recent loss to the Steelers was not only heart breaking but just pure gut wrenching. I stood in front of my T.V. (and I say stood because I was literally on my feet yelling at the T.V. clapping for good plays and yelling at bad ones) just like i'm sure alot of others on this site were doing. And there were some things I noticed that seem to go neglected (for lack of a better word).

How about the improved play of one Reggie Torbor, this guys first game with the Bills was an absolute disaster, he looked like fat bird trying to balance on a wire (just out of place), but he has slowly improved every game and I found he started on the upright trend against the Bears in Toronto and has not looked back, the platoon of OLB's this team continues to throw on the field are starting to earn my respect.

What about #90 the one and only Chris Kelsay, putting some serious pressure on Big Ben and even recording a sack, even Aaron Maybin was creating that has to say 1 thing, The Pittsburgh Steelers offensive line is brutal.

The one thing that has erked me a little is our lack of having a TE, Shawn Nelson has completley disapeared, David Martin basically is an extra blocker and Stupar comes in on the goaline offense and thats about it, what a disgrace.

I think another positive is Quinton Ganther good ol # 25 coming in and playing respectable, nothing flashy or game breaking just good ol hard nosed football, putting his head down hitting the holes and giving Freddie J a rest, I'm confident this kid could hold his own should anything happen to Captain reliable Freddy J.

Another player I am seemingly growing more frustrated with each and every week is Marcus Stroud. He did have some big run stuffs against Pitt, but his overall lack of burst just gets to me especially when this guy is making as much money as he is. When he couldn't chase down or even dive to make the attempt to tackle a limping Ben Roethlisberger was just absolutly depressing.

I found Pitt did a really good job getting bodies on Paully P and basically making it seem like he wasnt even playing, he had maybe 3 tackles all game and they just did a really good job getting to the second level, but I also think that had something to do with them uner valuating Kyle Williams and Williams saw lots of 1 on 1's and he dominated.

Our revolving door or recievers is also something to look forward to, these guys don't miss a beat when they come into the game and its awesome to see. I truly believe Lee Evans won't be on this football team next year though; I do think he is taking a little to much heat for the game against the Steelers as he did do a great job opening up under routes and keeping Troy Palamalu honest in the passing game.

Our consistent over commitment from our LB's is a little frightning but I can live it if we can consistently hold teams to under 20 points, and the fact that we really only have 1 LB playing in his actual position (Paully P) I guess might have something to do with it.

Overall, I will walk away from this game feeling 50/50 not overly happy but not overly depressed, the fact we had a chance to win the game numerous times and didn't is frustrating but the simple fact that we had chance to win the game does say something, I don't know what but it does say something. 

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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