Shawne Merriman Reports To Bills, Meets With Media

Shawne Merriman had his introductory press conference at One Bills Drive today. In it he discussed his relationship with Bills General Manager Buddy Nix and the chance for a fresh start in Buffalo.

Here are some excerpts from today's meet and greet with the media. You can see the full video here.

On Buddy Nix:

"I’ve known Buddy since San Diego and as soon as everything went down he called me immediately. We talked for a while and he just asked how I felt about it and asked me if I’m ready to play and I said, ‘Yeah, I’m ready so let’s go.’"

On his emotions joining the Bills:

"I feel good, man. I'm excited. I got a chance to spend a lot of time with the guys and been to a couple meeting already and, you know, just jamming the playbook up in there as much as possible. I feel good."

On his lack of recent production:

"I haven’t been on the field," he said. "I’ve had some small nagging injuries that kept me away from playing. That’s really all it’s been."

On the current Bills players:

"Just sitting back and watching film of the guys that are here, you see the talent that’s on the field and you kind of wonder how the team is 0-7 because it doesn’t look like an 0-7 team."

On the Bills defensive scheme:

"Some of the things they’re doing defensively are some of the things I’m accustomed to doing. Just picking up the terminology and learning as fast as I can. The faster I learn it, the faster I get on the field. I fit this system and I think I’m ready to go."

On what his new teammates can expect from him:

"I don’t just see myself going and running around on the field. I want these guys to be able to lean on me and know that I’m going to go out there and do the best I can every single day and they can depend on me. That’s how you build trust within the team and I plan on being that."

On resurrecting his career:

"Not just that. Coming in and being a big part of what they have going on here. They have high expectations of me to come in and make some things happen and I’m going to do that."

On leaving the bright lights of Southern California for Buffalo:

"Yeah, I have done some TV stuff and I enjoy doing it, but bottom line I love playing football. And once people try to let that go and not forget that I'm going to put on that helmet, I'm going to go out and play 110 percent and lay it out on the line, it doesn't matter how bright the lights get."

On the weather in Buffalo:

"I think people sometimes forget that I grew up on the East Coast. The blizzard of '98 in Maryland and the couple feet of snow they get out there every year. I'm used to it."

Merriman will travel with the team to Toronto for this week's game but will not play. He has passed his physical and says he is good to go as soon as the coaches thinks he's ready.

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