How To Take A 3 Point Loss, When We Were About 4 Plays Away From Dominating The Game

Well Bills fans I have a confession to make, this is the first absolute full game of The Bills I have watched in about 3 weeks, Family stuff, buddies with NFL Sunday Ticket not wanting to spend their hard earned money on The Bills and so on and so forth.

But I have to tell you Chan Gailey (aside from the plays I'm about to rant about) continues to find ways for this offense to produce and to get the absolute best out of players. And to be honest if it wasn't for George Edwards and some absolute abysmyal play calling at times this Bills team would have won the game 31-14.

So I present the following to backup my 31-14 statement.

1st possession - We get the three and out, just like the way we have been doing it of late coming out deferring and getting the ball back asap. Chan comes out in the pistol and it looks dreadful and we hand the ball right back. No qualms with this, its two teams that dont know each other very well getting a feel for each other.

2nd Possession - Here comes George Edwards to find ways to frustrate teams then let them off the hook. We get the Bears to a 3rd and 6 I believe, and they get a first down because Jay Cutler scrambles his way to a first down, no problem thats a decnt QB creating for his team, we will note that and put it in our side pocket, then we get the Bears to a 3rd and long (12) I believe it was and we go into a base zone scheme that a fisher price QB could have figured out and the Bears get the 1st down (Jay Cutler had 6.3 secs to decide), again we hold the Bears to another 3rd down and again we come out ina ridiculously easy scheme and the Bears get yet another first down and whatta ya know the Bears score. And to be honest I think Chan should have challanged this play the ball hits the ground Olsen doesn't have full control but thats just me)

We turn the ball over on one of the worst run calls I have ever seen, it's 3rd and 1 and we try to run a power to the side were we have a rotating RT against a 2 time pro bowler in Tommy Harris and Freddy J has no chance in hell to make that play if a team blitzes the middle run outside, ( Chan this one is on you bud, Run wishbone with CJ and Freddy and C-Mac in front and audible to the side were you think you have the advantage, and the reason I know this was workin g was because later in the game he does this, unreal) Thank god they miss the field goal and we trun it around and go down and get a TD end of 1st half.

Two plays that really stood out to me in the first half, and had they have gone different way, we coulda have left the first half up instead of tied and it was two of  the Best players this defense has, Paully P and Kyle Williams.

Paully was so confused, he had no idea what was going on and should have called a Timeout, swallow the pride Paully and call that timeout and Johnny Knox doesnt get a 30 yrd gain on a hot route. (One of 2 misplays by Paully all game the other came on the goaline where he had a chance to get Chester Taylor for 3 or 4 yd loss and Chester broke the tackle. very rarely does paully miss tackles but that my friends where his only two misplays all game) Second huge difference maker, George Edwards actually calls a decent play he calls a QB spy with Kyle Williams as the spy and instead of staying  patient and mirroring the QB K.W. acts like he has a magnet attached to him and runs directly into the olineman and Jay Cutler scrambles to get a 3rd and 16, oh and just to add something if Leodis could have made a tackle instead of trying the Donte Whitner approach of just dropping the shoulder we make it a bit harder for them to score. 

We go into half tied and things are looking great Ryan Fitz is moving the ball and i'm thinking ya know if Georgy could just realize to bring the pain on 3rd and long and you would get great results.

2nd Half, I will say this Chan can call a football game and man does he make Ryan Fitz look really really good, Fitz is throwing no look passes and because thats what Chan has instructed him to do not because hes that good. But if Chan can do this with Ryan Fitz I can only imagine what he can to do with a top notch talent I actually get excitied when I think about this.  

So we decide to blitz on third down in the second half and whatta ya know our secondary lets us down big time, we have Jay Cutler scrambling looking flusterd he throws up a bomb offf his back foot and whatta ya know we cant get our coverage right and Bennett hauls in a 25 yd pass that should have easily been intercepted and becuase of this Chicago scores, Also Bryan Scott I understand why you are a LB now you cant catch anything he dropped two picks yesterday, 2 that had the potential to change the entire game.

So I have stressed my defensive woes, that make me so angry I could rip the T.V off the wall and never watch a Bills game again. I will change to the offensive side where Chan I wish you had a Buffalo Rumblings account so you could answer this question, our D actually gets us the stop we need, to put the boot on the throat and choke them out, and what happens we come out on our 30 pretty decent field position, and we allow Fitzy to audible to a double move into double coverage, ( I will say this if he had of thrown the ball accuratly its a first down but lets not forget Fitzy strength is not his accuracy) we just got the ball back run the ball it was an inside blitz, audible to safe (yet efficient) outside run not a double move on the outside, we are not the Colts we do not have the offensive potentcy to check to that play. 

You know we take away 4 plays in that game the terrible run play that led to a fumble, Paully P's mass confusion, Kyle Williams selfish QB Spy play and that Int and we win this ball game 31-14.

Now I understand we have to take the good with the bad and the bad with the good, So I can accept this loss, not without complaint but I can accept this loss, they blocked and extra point, good on them, it was really the one major difference and instead of being tied its a 3 point swing, tough luck Buffalo tough Luck.

The last thing I would like to point out is ...... How well Chris Kelsay played, he made two major errors aswell( not looking up on a cutback run and not setting the edge on another play, but hes the reason for the fumble he made some really good arm tackles in the trenchs slowing down the runner for Poz to come up and make the play) but other then that he played awesome, Reggie Torbor you are a waste of space and you should be released, Arthur Moats is going to be ok, he will definatly benifit from Shawne Merriman being here, Jarius Byrd continues to be invisible, and Chan you should get the merrit award for making Ryan Fitz look like a pro bowler. Oh and Paully P is a stud and if you don't believe me watch the NFL network talk about how good he really is.

Sorry this is so long boys, but some plays that deserve recogintion, two Jailbreak screens to Roscoe, those plays would have never been called by the old regime and good on them for utilizing his talents, The FB trap to C-Mac on the Goalline Great Play, after he makes a huge hole for CJ (when I actually run like a RB I look Great) Spiller, the numerous hook patterns by Stevie J(This kid is looking incredible and could make a living on those routes)

And one insult, CJ Spiller dip your shoulder and run over a DB its a DB not a LB and if you cant take a DB one on one you do not belong in this league. 

End of Rant.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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