The most important Offseason

In the History of this franchise will begin very shortly. In my opinion the Bills are an improving young team that has shown the will and strength needed to build on for the future.

But we need more talent at many positions to ever be taken seriously. We need a Tight End, a Defensive End, 2 Linebackers and a host of supplementary players at other positions, not to mention a Franchise QB.

I hope we can address the Tight End in Free Agency there are a host of talented available TE's out there this year. My preference is of course Zack Miller from Oakland, and with all the money they will need to keep Seymour and Nmadi, Miller may be available if someone took a run at him on the first day of free agency. If not him though there is still Mercedes Lewis (Jacksonville), Kevin Boss (NY Giants), Bo Scaife (Titans) or Brent Celeck (Eagles) anyone of them would be an upgrade over our current delapitated group.

At Defensive End this years draft is loaded with talented Defensive Lineman and we could easily find the answer in the first or second round. But I wouldnt want to make that call without looking at what we already have Dwan Edwards has had a good season, Alex Carrington has looked like a rookie when he's gotten in there but certainly seems to have a future, Kyle Williams is a beast no matter where you line him up. But Marcus Stroud needs to find a new home, McCargo is gone, Spencer Johnson looks good for one play and then terrible for next five. I hope we add a DE in the draft (perferably round 3 Jared Crick from Nebraska) and one in free agency.

At Linebacker im praying the Bills can get Barret Rudd from Tampa Bay he would line up perfectly next to Poz. Keep Andre Davis around another year to back them up. At outside Linebacker, I havent given up hope that Maybin will be able to become a good pass rusher in this league, though I know he will never be accountable in the run game. Moats is a great find late in the draft, Kelsay is steady and a decent player, Antonio Coleman has looked good at times... but... If we could add Jeremy Beal from Oklahoma in the second round along with Barret Rudd, A.J. Hawk, or Kevin Burnett in free agency (Hawk would have to be a trade) our linebacking crew would be more than competent.

Now a power running back like a Demarco Murray (OU) or Kendall Hunter (OSU) would be a good fourth round selection and you can never have enough running backs in this league. I would love to see the Bills get a Guard in free agency but to get one better than we have already we would have to spend Hutchinson type money and im not ready to do that unless that Guards name is Mankins.

And finally my entire "dream" of this coming offseason hinges entirely upon the Bills getting Andrew Luck or Ryan Mallett with their first round selection in the draft.

Either way, what the Bills do this offseason will affect our franchise for the next five years... we screw it up this year then put a fork in us;. If we can have an offseason slightly more productive than last year then we will be on the right track.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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