Some Paully Opinions For The Holidays

As much as I would love the Bills to get a top 5 pick, I would love it just as much if we could pound the living crap out of our 3 divisional rivals and finish 6-10.

Fred Jackson runs for over 100 yds,and the Bills are 3-1 - just saying I mean thats a pretty obvious stat, Chan run the Ball and we win what a weird concept.(Not that I disagree completly with Chans offense, I mean he has made it exciting to be a Bills fan this year no doubt about that, just wish we would run a little more)

So we have 5 picks in the first 120 picks to fill 5 glaring holes - an offensive lineman (more specifically Hangartner, he just doesnt fit the mould of the lineman we are playing right now), TE, OLB,ILB and CB. I mean if Buddy can get this right we have a chance to turn it around, that being said I truly believe with our first pick we will take a QB whether it be Newton, Locker or Luck we will take a QB and in my opinion, that means if we can get on of those positions filled via free agency then we can use the other 4 picks to fill the other 4 holes.

Some Attractive Free Agents Available:

OL - Bushrod from New Orleans and Gaither from Baltimore

ILB - Kirk Morrison, Chad Greenway, Takeo Spikes - I know we had him already but he would look nice beside Paully P.

OLB - Lamar Woodley (theres no way in hell Pittsburgh lets him walk), Manny Lawson and D'Qwell Jackson

TE - Owen Daniels, Kevin Boss, Desmond Clark(a little old but I think he could get the job done) and Zach Miller

CB - Champ, Cromartie, Drayton and Ike Taylor

Now if we could grab 1 of these guys just 1, we could grab a QB early and still fill all our needs, now if we could grab 2 of these guys we could add depth at a position like DE or NT which would be just ideal in my books.

Moving On

How about the play of the revolving door known as our offensive line, now I know we are not the Patriots in terms of protecting the QB but these guys considering all factors have played pretty damn good and are getting a great push for the running game. 

Now I know alot of guys/girls on the site have spoke at lengths about Eric Wood playing centre and how some like some dislike but I have to believe that he truly fits the scheme of what Gailey/Nix are trying to build which is a hard nosed, agressive, phsyical offensive line that gets great push helping the running game. And like I mentioned above a guy like Hang just does not fit that mold, hes not great a getting a good push and just does not look like a big phsyical aggressive lineman.

Donte and Paully, 2 guys that I really dont want to see go but if I had to choose I would have to say it's Donte that is on his way out. Paully is a folk hero in Buffalo and truly deserves every dollar he will get in free agency whether its with the Bills or not is yet to be seen, but I can say I will be one very very depressed Bills fan if they let Paully walk. Just look at the Stat line:

Paul Posluszny - 120 Tackles, 2.0 Sacks - 11 Games Played - 4th in the league for tackles behind Jarod Mayo, Stephen Tulloch and Chad Greenway all of which have played the full 13 games.

How you let a guy like that go I dont know and can only hope Buddy mans up and gives him the money he deserves.

FRED JACKSON, what more can ya say about this consumate professional, the most underappreciated athlete in sports history I swear, this guy comes to work every day with his hard hat on ready to do the dirty work, ready to do whatever is asked of him and what does he get, people wondering when CJ Spiller is going to take his job from him makes ya wonder what goes through his head on an everyday basis.

And my last Holiday observation, How wrong was every so called sports professional about Mark Sanchez and Chad Henne. All summer all we heard about is how these two youngs studs were going to take the league by storm and how good there teams were going to be. Yeah the Jets are 9-4 but are on a losing streak and now have to go to Pittsburgh and try to win a game against the leagues best defense with a QB thats as lost as a dog from homeward bound (yeah I said it). And Chad Henne, this guys loses his job to Chad Pennington then gets it back then loses it to Tyler Thigpen then gets it back and gets praise for throwing for like a 130 yds and getting the win against the Jets. (Gotta love the media)

Well guys/girls I hope every Bills fan has a Merry Christmas and if you don't celebrate Christmas have Happy Holidays and we will see ya next year to chat amongst ourselves about our beloved Bills!

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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