Bills vs. Dolphins: Turnover Battle Of Major Importance This Week

ORCHARD PARK NY - SEPTEMBER 12: Bryan Scott #43 of the Buffalo Bills sacks Chad Henne #7 of the Miami Dolphins during the NFL season opener at Ralph Wilson Stadium on September 12 2010 in Orchard Park New York. Miami won 15-10. (Photo by Rick Stewart/Getty Images)

This post may win an award for Most Obvious Headline Ever, but we're going to discuss this for a reason: the Buffalo Bills and Miami Dolphins are two turnover-prone football teams.

On the 2010 season, the Bills have a -6 turnover differential, worse than all but eight teams in the NFL. Miami ranks right behind Buffalo in that category, with a -7 margin. The Bills are 0-8 in games where they've lost the turnover battle, while Miami is a respectable 2-4 in those contests (which includes last week's win over the Jets). Buffalo is 2-1 in games where they've won the turnover battle, and 1-1 in games where things broke even; Miami is 3-0 and 2-2, respectively.

Buffalo's offense has at least two turnovers in a whopping eight of their 13 games this season, but that's a stat that Miami can almost match, with at least two turnovers in seven of their 13 games. The Dolphins have also turned the ball over at least once in their last 12 games, with their Week 1 win over Buffalo being the only game they haven't had a turnover.

Both team's defenses are on something of a roll in this category, as well. Buffalo has forced at least one turnover in each of their past six games, while Miami has forced at least one in seven of their last nine.

Neither team committed or forced a turnover in the Week 1 matchup between these two clubs. Given how each team has played since, that's unlikely to happen again - and whichever team can control this battle will have a much easier time emerging victorious.

We'll end the post with this note from Matt Infante of The Phinsider: Miami hasn't forced a ton of turnovers this year, but that doesn't mean they haven't been close numerous times.

Chad Henne and this Miami offense is very prone right now to turning the football over. Turnovers have cost them in a number of games this year - and nearly another one last week against the Jets. The flip side to this is that the Dolphins have only forced 17 turnovers this year. However, they've had two hands on numerous "would-be" interceptions - particularly recently. Sean Smith dropped about three or four just last week. For the season, one Miami reporter went back and watched all of Miami's 13 games and said they dropped 18 interceptions. After a while, though, they're going to start making those plays. Maybe this week is that week.

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