Grading the Bills: Game 14


The Bills squished the fish (yes I know dolphins are mammals, just let me bask in this bit of good news) today 17 to 14 in Miami.  Several major questions loomed over the Bills as they headed into the game against a (former) playoff contender.  Would the O-Line hold, could the young WR corp take on a tough Miami secondary, and could the Bills contain Williams, Brown, and Marshall?  In the end they did, and in so doing took out the fins of playoff contention. 

Rushing Offense: D-

It was understandable goign in that Miami had one of the best run defenses in the league.  That aspect was shown to be true today.  Jackson averaged 2.4 yards a carry and 36 yards overall while Spiller averaged under 2 and was outgained by Fitz despite carrying the ball three times as many than the QB.  On the bright side, Jackson made a few first downs and they did not fumble. 

Passing Offense: B+

Ryan Fitzpatrick had his typical performance; a few unbelievable throws and a few bad passes.  In the end, he had more of those laser tosses of his, including two for touchdowns, one to David Nelson and the other to Stevie Johnson. Fitz finished with over 200 yards passing (averaging over 8 yards an attempt) with a QB rating of 98.7. Fitz also got all his young WRs involved, with a nice debut by Naaman Roosevelt who made a couple of beautiful catches.  The major negative with the constant pressure Fitz endured all day long. 

Rushing Defense: A+

Aside from one successful Miami use of the wildcat to score a short touchdown, the Bills limited the fins to only 65 yards of rushing on the day, or averaging slightly over 3 yards a carry.  That is nothing short of phenominal given the rush defense woes of the past.  Led by Akin Ayodele, Paul Posluszny and Kyle Williams, the Bills stopped them all day long inside the line, while outside coverage was almost comprable to that.

Passing Defense: B

First off, any team facing Chad Henne will probably do well.  George Wilson picked him off once while the Bills D got 3 sacks (1.5 by Arthur Moats).  Coverage was fair for the most part, but the secondary had problems covering Marshall while the front four could not get any pressure in the second half on Henne (the remainder of sacks contributed by safeties Whitner (.5) and Byrd). 

Special Teams: C

Rian Lindell made a short field goal while Spiller had a nice punt return during the game.  Brian Moorman continues to struggle though, not being as accurate as he usually is.  Coverage was good.

Coaching: A-

Chan Gailey is showing that he is smart and gutsy, a combination lacking since the Levy era. Though the game was close, Gailey had it under control and is utilizing the guys Nix has found with great use.

Other Notes:

Stevie now has double digit touchdowns on the season while Nelson caught a TD pass in the past three games. 

Go Bills and optimistically yours, DynamicHero22

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