If you were Head of Draft...

So I was pondering earlier today what the Bills would look like if I were the Head of the Draft. Came up with some ideas and it was quite fun thinking about it.

Here is a thread for you to show what the Bills would look like if you were in charge of the draft(who you wanted the Bills to pick when you were watching the draft on TV)

I'm going to start with 2006(rather recently), but you go back as far as you want. I am also going to do the 1st 4 rounds because I have no idea who I want 5-6-7th round because I know I will never guess who the Bills would get correctly. Then I will grade the Bills pick and my pick in my opinion

(Grade reflects a mixture of the right choice at the time and how the player has panned out in his career)


1st Round- Actual Pick- Donte Whitner, SS, Ohio State My Pick- Ernie Sims, LB, Florida State- I thought Sims was going to be a great LB. He had a real nice start to his career but has recently not been as successful

Bills Grade- D

My Grade- C

Other 1st round- Actual Pick- John McCargo, DT, NC State My Pick- Mercedes Lewis, TE, UCLA- I remember sitting on my couch and as soon as I saw we traded up thinking we were taking Lewis. I cannot remember the last time the Bills had a very good TE and I thought this was our time for one...Nope we took John McCargo, who we could've probably got in the 3rd. Lewis has been a decent TE his whole career and is having a possible pro-bowl year this year

Bills Grade- F

My Grade- C+

3rd Round-  Actual Pick/My PickAshton Youboty, CB, OSU- Youboty was a 1st round talent CB, I was amazed he fell to us in the 3rd and thought maybe they'd be smart and pick him. Obviously there were reasons he fell as he hasn't been very productive, but a good pick at the time anyways


4th Round- Actual Pick- Ko Simpson S, South Carolina My Pick- Joel Toledo, OT, Washington. An insurance OL maybe

My Pick-D-

Bills Pick-D+


1st Round- Actual and My Pick- Marshawn Lynch, RB, Cal- Willis is gona like the little baby he is and we need a future RB. Marshawn was a helluva player but he just didn't have the discipline.


2nd Round- Actual and My Pick- Paul Pozlusny, LB, Penn State- Great pick and turned out to be a solid player. Glad we got to trade up and draft him. Really solidifies out LB core with him and Sims

Grade- A-

3rd Round- Actual Pick and My Pick- Trent Edwards, QB, Stanford- Loved him out of college, I honestly never liked him as a NFL player


4th Round- Actual Pick- Dwayne Wright, RB, Fresno State My Pick- Marvin Wright, S, TCU- We need some safities and Wright looks pretty good

Bills Grade-D

My Grade-D


1st Round- Actual Pick- Leodis McKelvin, CB, Troy My Pick- Devin Thomas, WR, MSU- I wanted Thomas so bad! I thought he had stud written all over him, unfortunalt yhe never panned out. Leodis is now a pretty solid CB/return man

Bills Grade- B

My Grade-F

2nd Round- Actual Pick- James Hardy, WR, Indiana My Pick Quentin Groves, DE, Auburn- This was kind of a favored pick as for no reason I loved how Groves played in college, I thought he was gonna be a stud DE. (If you haven't realized now I'm a big fan of solidifying the front 7

Bills Grade-C

My Grade-C+

3rd Round- Actual Pick- Chris Ellis, DE, UV My Pick Antwuan Molden, CB, Eastern Kentucky- No Leodis and we need a new CB

Bills Grade- D

My Grade- D

4th Round- Actual Pick- Reggie Corner, CB, Akron My Pick- Jerome Felton, RB, Felton- Later Round RB pick...low risk high reward potential

Bills Grade-C-

My Grade- D


1st Round- Actual Pick Aaron Maybin, DE, Penn State My Pick Micheal Oher, OT, Ole Miss- Maybin is the worst player ever. I knew he would be awful and although he may still have a little potential he is basically done before 2 years. After trading Peters we could get Oher and solidy the line, which is what I would've done.

Bills Grade- F-

My Grade- A

1st Round- Actual Pick- Eric Wood, OG, Louisville My Pick- Patrick Chung, S, Oregon- With the way I've been drafting, we like defense...need to solidify secondary

Bills Grade- A-

My Grade- B

2nd Round- Actual Pick- Jairus Byrd, S, Oregon My Pick- Max Unger, C, Oregon- Get a really solid center and solidfy that OL

Bills Grade- B(Time will tell if rookie season was a fluke)

My Grade- B+

2nd Round- Actual Pick-Andy Levitre, OG, Oregon State My Pick- Fila Moala, DT, USC- I would really like to fill in that DL here.

4th Round- Actual Pick- Shawn Nelson ,TE, Southern Miss My Pick- Louis Murphy, WR, Florida- Perfect slot reciever to really help a struggling offense possibly.

2010(No grades)

1st Round- Actual Pick- Cliff Spiller, RB, Clemson My Pick Derrick Morgan, DE, GT- The DLINE even with all the work put in isn't doing to good. Morgan is a very soid player and CJ is a luxury pick which we cannot afford at the time

2nd Round- Actual Pick- Terrell Troup, NT, Central Florida My Pick- Jimmy Clausen, QB, ND- Trent is a failure by now and I'd consider Clausen 1st round. He falls to 2nd round and I snatch him up before Goddell is finished saying "Koa Misi"

3rd Round- Actual Pick- Alex Carrington, DE, Arkansas St. My Pick-Bruce Campbell, OT, Maryland- OLINE is pretty solid but Campbell has crazy potential in the 3rd

4th round- Actual Pick- Marcus Easley, WR, UCONN My Pick- Joe McKnight, RB, USC- We could really use a 3DB/Scat back. If McKnight can fix his fumbling problems he could be special

Note: It seems easy saying "I'd take him" But out draft personel put so much work into their job so kutos to them!


Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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