Draft with Colin Kaepernick

The title says it all. But still I will write a few words.

Fitz has done enough this year to prove we dont desperately need a QB, definitely not to start 2011. I understand fans still wanting a qb because the ultimate goal is winning superbowl. Luck will be a possibility but Bills have won enough games to move out of Luck zone.

The next few options would be Locker, Mallett, Newton and Ponder. But in my opinion the only 2 QB who would end up being good would be Luck and Kaepernick. We all know about the shortcomings of each one amongst Locker, Mallett, Newton and Ponder.

Of all Kaepernick is most similar to Newton. Newton has that IT factor to win but so does Kaepernick. That was evident by Nevada's big victory against Boise State. And that was not his first, only the best. Kaepernick has single handedly won many games for Nevada. But unlike Newton, I believe Kaepernick is a much better QB.

For all Newton has done, he averages only 18 passing attempts/ game. He still has not proven he can win games by his throws and I dont believe he can survive in NFL. Kaepernick on the other hand, though a big time running QB, has proven consistently he can win games by his passing. He has everything going for him, arm strength, accuracy, winner, durable, very mobile QB and good pocket awareness.

And we can get him in the 3rd round for all this. He played in Nevada's offense which is not exactly pro-style. That's why we can sit him behind Fitz for a year or two.

Here's my draft. I am assuming we are picking at #3 for now.

#3- A J Green, WR.

I will say this right out, I myself dont like this pick. But instead of drafting people I want, I wanted to know what the Bills will do at this position. Nix has repeatedly said he will go BPA. I think it is Bills strategy to go BPA in the 1st round. That's what they did in 2010. I believe Luck and Peterson will be gone by pick 3. I think Bills will go BPA.

WR roster: Stevie Johnson, Lee Evans, A J Green, Roscoe Parrish, David Nelson. I feel too sad to put donald jones and marcus easley on practice squad but WR is too deep and these things happen. Sadly, both will be plucked away.

rd 2: ILB - martez wilson or donta hightower or quam sturdivant

Our ILB depth is just Poz, thats it. We have Keith Ellison who is undersized and always on IR. Andra Davis is 33 and on IR. Then we have Ayodele who we picked up from the streets. Even Poz is always injured. The combo of Poz and Wilson will tighten our interior defense.

rd 3: Colin Kaepernick, QB (discussed earlier)

rd 4a: Joseph Barksdale, OT

And still this would be the highest picked tackle by the Bills since Mike Williams. He would be a solid starting right tackle for us. Gailey has done a good job improving the Oline.

rd 4b (lynch pick): K J Wright, OLB, Mississippi State

He would be a good coverage linebacker who could start on the strong side position. I believe Gailey will give one more offseason for Maybin to show something before drafting a pass rushing linebacker in the draft. Unfortunately he will get cut before the season opener like James Hardy.

rd 5: Will Hill, SS, Florida

could be a good depth at safety can can come in on obvious running situations.

rd 6: Ian Williams, NT, Notre Dame

I believe Troup can move into NT and Kyle would move to the DE position. Ian will be a good back up to Troup at nose.

rd 7: Anthony Allen, RB, Georgia Tech

I think Gailey will replace Lynch here. Allen is 6'1, 230 lbs power back. Could be better than Ganther.

When I myself look at this draft I feel I didnt address pass rushing OLB, TE, OT & QB satisfactorily. But the more I look at it, this looks like the Bills draft of this year. I think Nix strategy is first build depth, then build strength. Last year we had many weakness but Nix didnt address any. By picking Spiller he add strength to a deep position and then with the remaining picks he built depth in our weaknesses. Last year our weaknesses were dl, ol, wr, lb, qb and he built depth in all of them.

Green would add strength to a now deep position similarly. Drafting for weakness doesnt make you strong. What happens when that one guy goes down?

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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