The Draft Is Obviously Peoples Main Concern

I am going to try and guage the importance of this draft as opposed to last years draft and upcoming drafts.

Last year we had a number of discussions on who we all thought the Bills should take, and to be honest I cant remember but I am sure there were a few people who thought the Bills would take CJ Spiller (Cliff Spiller) - I love calling him Cliff hahaha - my point is we all love to predict but sometimes we are so far off its not even funny. Our draft is so dependant on what happens in front of us, we all know Arizona is in dyer need of a QB and so are the Bengals and Panthers. The Bengals can't be happy with there organization right at the moment to go from division champs to bottom of the barrell, something huge is coming for the franchise and The Panthers well the Panthers are a more pathetic organization then the Bills and Arizona feels they are a QB away from contending in a joke of a division.

So assuming that these three teams all go for broke this draft, I truly feel this is an oppurtunity for the Bills to stay away from QB's and develop everywhere else, now I am not suggesting Ryan Fitz as our QB next year but I am suggesting staying away from the QB this year and from what I have read Bowers and Fairley sound like sure fire picks and a year when Champ Bailey is a free agent and you know he is going to sign with a contenderthus forcing  other teams to be looking to boost there secondaries. So to me it feels like this would be a year where the Bills could really focus on what they really need and thats some good quality talent in the front 7.

Now when we look at what transpired last year if there is one thing we can learn from it is we cannot predict what he is going to do but what we can predict is he will be highly educated on studs from small schools and he will make the most of the undrafted talent pool.

Looking at last years draft we have a few misses (or what seem to be misses at the moment) and we have a few hits and we have a few unknowns:

Hits - Moats, Nelson, Jones, Roosevelt, Spiller, Troup

Misses - Carrington, Calloway, Wang

Unknowns - Batten, Easley, Brown, Troup, Carrinton - I put Troup and Carrinton here because I dont think they are fitted in their new positions yet.

Now that brings me to the following years draft, now we could only be so lucky to have Andrew Luck decide to stay an extra year at Stanford, but that would do nothing for our wanting to win now.

Now I think the true fate of our draft and drafts to come rely upon what Mr. Nix can accomplish via Free agency, It reminds me of the year we braught in Kawika Mitchell we needed help at LB badly and we addressed it by signing a pretty darn good football player from a superbowl team, so I would not be upset if we "overpaid" for some quality talent. If we can bring back Shawn Merriman with a full years rest and full spring training in him I think he would really help this team and a Chad Greenway addition would boost this teams defense in a heartbeat while saving draft picks at the same time. 

Now to play a little Devils Advocate, as I advised above about staying away from a QB this year but this looks to be a great year to draft a QB: Andrew Luck, Jake Locker, Cam Newton, Ryan Mallett, Stanzi for Iowa among numerous others. But to go out and draft a QB with the shape this offense is in (Chans done a good job but lets be real here folks) would almost ruin him immediatley, We have no TE, a very inconsistent running game and recievers that are being re taught the game not to mention a makeshift offensive line so its a dangerous proposition to throw a young up and coming QB into the fire like that.

Theres no doubt about it that these next two drafts coupled with the draft we just had will make this franchise either into a contender or a franchise that continues to struggle, we have holes, alot of them but we also have some promising young talent and the fact that if you look at teams that have drafted well (The Chiefs, Ravens, Rams among others) coupled with some solid free agent aquisitions its not hard for teams to turn it around. This divison may make our transition a little more difficult then others but the Jets and Patriots are soon going to go through there own transition because Tom Brady isnt getting any younger and guys like LT Jason Taylor Antonio Cromartie Braylon Edwards among others are not only getting older but may become to be more costly for the Jets to keep them.

Im looking forwrad to the offseason for once just to see how Mr. Nix conducts himself after having a full year under his belt. 


Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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