Positive look at our rebuilding, and around the NFL

Around the NFL

  • I cannot believe how bad the NFC West is.  A team could slip into the playoffs with a loosing record....
  • I think Bill Polian has done an absolutely horrible job this past year.  Polian got absolutely no help for Peyton Manning in the draft, free agency, or trades - and look at the Colts.  They can't run the ball for their life, and Peyton has absolutely no line.  It is an absolute disgrace.  The Colts better find a way to protect Manning......
  • As much as I hate the Patriots - they are masters of the draft.  Their draft class is outshining the rest in the NFL - Devin McCourty, Rob Gronkowski, Jermaine Cunningham, Aaron Hernandez, Brandon Spikes
  • The Chiefs have done a wonderful job of rebuilding their franchise and turning into serious contenders.  Props to Matt Cassel for proving his worth as an elite passer.
  • Watching teams prosper reminds me of the importance of a franchise QB.  The best teams in the NFL have the best QBs in the NFL.......The one who really has stood out to me is Matt Ryan.  His nickname is perfect - Matty Ice - because he can perform in the clutch.  Second stud is Sam Bradford who is playing absolutely lights out as a rookie.


  • AFC Title game:  Chargers over Patriots
  • NFC Title game:  Falcons over Eagles
  • Superbowl:  Chargers over Falcons
  • I love the way the Chargers are playing.  They have a no name defense that is playing best in the NFL.  Phillip Rivers is playing the best football of his life.  Receivers are going out with injuries and the Chargers are just plugging players in to take their place.


  • MVP - Matt Ryan (QB) Falcons - 2700yds, 19TD, 5int, 94.4 rating
    Ryan has been an absolute stud.  He is playing like a franchise QB.  Its not so much the stats that impress me, as much as Ryan's game.  He is dead accurate, has incredible leadership, has nerves of steel, and does not give into pressure.  He is leading his Falcons to a NFC best 9-2 record
  • OPY - Philip Rivers (QB) Chargers - 3300yds, 23TD, 9int, 104.9 rating
    Rivers has been playing without his favorite weapons all year as the Chargers have been struggling with injuries.  Rivers is on pace to break Dan Marinos record and has the Chargers as the hottest team in the NFL
  • DPY - James Harrison (OLB) Steelers - 75tot tackles, 10sacks, 6Pdef, 2int, 6FF
    Most have Clay Matthews as DPY.  Yes Matthews leads the NFL with 11.5 sacks.  However James Harrison is a different maker on the defense.  His 6 FF beat 1FF by Matthews.  Harrison might be the best defensive player in the NFL.

Buffalo Bills:

  • I love how our rookie draft class is playing.  Lets take a look at some stats and contributions
  • I love the new culture Chan Gailey has brought to the Bills.  They are fun to watch.  They are tough.  They have a great attitude.
  • Everyone, and i mean practically everyone was wrong about the offensive line.  Demetrius Bell, and Andy Levitre are playing incredible - and significantly have contributed to the success of the offense.  I think we have our franchise LT.
  • I love the way Ryan Fitzpatrick is playing - and his success does not put a greater burden come draft day if we are not in a situation to draft Andrew Luck.
  • Closing the season on an optimistic note - winning games - I believe is good for this franchise.  It builds a culture of winning and confidence for the entire team.  I BILLieve.

Greatest Weaknesses

  • We need a significant improvement at the 3-4 DE position, and the 3-4 OLB position.  The Bills give opposing QBs way too much time.  We need to add more pressure.
  • We need a big time TE to compliment our WRs.  It is clear we are set at the WR position with the incredible play of Stevie Johnson.

We have a great young team to build on.  I think the rebuilding process has started on the right foot.  The franchise is going in the right direction.


Go Bills!

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