MMQB - 12/6 - Giving Props to Jags, and the Bills draft

Welcome to my MMQB - enjoy the read.


  • Is the Carson Palmer era over for the Bengals?  They are in contention for the #1 pick AKA in contention for Andrew Luck.
  • I absolutely love Jim Schwartz and what he has done with the Detroit Lions.  They play hard every week - even when they have no idea who will be the healthy QB each week.  The defense is very reminiscent of the 14-2 Titans defense under Schwartz with Suh taking over as Hansworth.  With a healthy Stafford - the Lions are ready for a successful future.  Much deserved!
  • Although we lost to the Vikings - I have to admit my love for Leslie Frazier.  I was hoping Frazier would be selected as our coach in the past off season.  He has the Vikings playing how they should have been playing all season.  Leslie Frazier is very reminiscent of a young Tony Dungy.
  • Giants got their swagger back.  Want to go back to the Superbowl?  Ride Brandon Jacobs!
  • The Jacksonville Jaguars are very real - thanks to a draft this year that has been significantly undermined by practically every person in the NFL.  Remember when the Jags selected Tyson Alualu with their 10th overall pick and everyone was like WHAT!  Guess what - he is playing great

    Why the success?
    Run the ball - 2009 Draft - Eugene Monroe (T), Eten Britt (T)
    Stop the run - 2010 Draft - Tyson Alualu (DT), D'Ontonio Smith (DT), Austen Lane (DE)

    MJD for MVP is a very real scenario
  • So much for the SD Chargers.......
  • Indy is a mess - and its not Peyton Manning's fault.  The Colts have beyond the worst offensive line in the NFL.  Please - solidify that line Bill Polian - please.


  1. New England Patriots
  2. Atlanta Falcons
  3. New York Jets
  4. Green Bay Packers
  5. Pittsburgh Steelers
  6. Chicago Bears
  7. Philadelphia Eagles
  8. Baltimore Ravens
  9. New York Giants
  10. New Orleans Saints


  • MVP - Matt Ryan (QB) Falcons
  • OPY - Phillip Rivers (QB) Chargers
  • DPY - James Harrison (OLB) Steelers
  • ROY - Sam Bradford (QB) Rams
  • DROY - Ndamkong Suh (DT) Lions


  • AFC:  Patriots over Steelers
  • NFC:  Falcons over Eagles
  • SB:  Patriots over Falcons

Buffalo Bills

  • The Vikings game was tough to watch - but its merely a small setback in a learning process for a young team.  This game will be good for this team in the long run.  It was Bells (OT) worst game of his career - he won't forget this day.  But he will improve.
  • LEODIS MCKELVIN = BUST.  I have to say this - but i really think McKelvin is a complete bust.  We had ample opportunity to select Rodgers Cromartie, Aqib Talib, Antoine Cason, Brandon Flowers, Tracy Porter.....You get my point.
  • I'm glad that CJ Spiller got more touches - I hope he continues to get more touches as the season comes to a close.
  • I think the franchise is headed in the right direction.  I will restate the significant weaknesses.  We need to build our front 7 on defense.  There is way too little pressure on opposing QBs.  We need a stout 3-4DE and a pass rushing 3-4 OLB.  Our offensive line when healthy has played well as a group - depth is important.  The Left side is fortified with Bell and Levitre.  The right side needs work.

The Draft:

  • Unless we get the #1 pick - I believe Andrew Luck is out of the picture.  We currently hold the 4th pick overall.  Here is a list of prospects that could fill that spot:
        • Jake Locker (QB) Washington
        • Patrick Peterson (CB) LSU
        • Prince Amukamara (CB) Nebraska
        • Marcel Darius (DE/DT) Alabama
        • Allen Bailey (DE/DT) Miami
        • Robert Quin (OLB) UNC
  • Terrence McGee is coming off an injury.  Leodis McKelvin is a bust.  Dayton Florence is playing well.  We cannot ignore the CB Spot.  Luckily the 2011 NFL draft has a deep class of CB.  The play of Ryan Fitzpatrick does not glue us in on taking a QB with the first overall selection.  The need for a fortified defensive front is most important right now...... Unless we have the #1 spot - I am a big advocate of Marcel Darius as our selection in the draft.

Enjoy the read - see you next week

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