Strange Brew!

While I don't post on this site religiously, since I do have a job, it seems that a post from my fellow Bills peer north of the border disagrees with my notion that we should not address the Defensive Line first in the draft. My reasoning behind my statement, is that if you watch college football, instead of listening to Don Cherry on Saturdays, you would realize that their are about 7-8 defensive lineman projected to go in the first round of the draft this year! To clarify, the "PROcess" of drafting is to draft someone that is considered 1st round caliber. Most draft experts have Greg Jones of Michigan State at OLB ranked going in the late first round.

I will admit that the Bills definitely need help at linebacker, just as much as on the line. But when you have so many good defensive lineman this year in the draft, such as Bowers or Clemson, Fairley of Auburn, Dareus of Alabma, Quinn from UNC, Clayborn from Iowa, and Cameron from California, who are all expected to go in the first round, then I believe the Bills should address defensive line.

Other points!

- You win in the trenches, whether offensive or defensive line - Not at the blue line!

- Bills have the least amount of sacks in the NFL - Can you say Dwight Freeney and Robert Mathis, or Julius Peppers, etc - Wouldn't it be nice to replace Schoebel and finally get some pressure on Brady!

- If you think that current Bills on the defensive line are so great, why do the Bills give up over 200 yards per game rushing every game.  Kyle Williams is the only player that has had a good year in my opinion. Marcus Stroud is playing out of position and it is too early to tell if Troup and the rest will pan out.

- Dallas Cowboys during the Super Bowl years of early 1990's had 8 very good defensive lineman, such as Charles Haley, Tony Casillas, Russell Maryland, Tony Tolbert, Leon Lett, Jimmie Jones, Jim Jeffcoat,  etc. - They would rotate "four" lineman at a time and that is proof of what a great Defensive Line can do for you. - You win in the trenches!

- Quote from Bill Parcells and Jeff Fisher - "You can never have enough good defensive lineman!"

* I will agree, though, that the Bills need linebacker help just as much, only problem being that this year we don't have a Ray Lewis coming out!

- So Canadian fan, I don't completely disagree with your post, but I think their is more talent in this draft at defensive line that is too good to pass up, rather than take an OLB. If the Bills traded down, I might be all for taking Greg Jones at OLB and addressing Defensive Line later. But who knows, we might be wasting our time if Luck is available.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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