My Rest of The Offseason

Alright here is my free agency plan and draft. Remember that this is entirely my opinion..

First of all i have to tell you my philosopy. I billieve that you win football games in the trenches. On offense, i like powere running to open up the play action pass. On Defense, Run stopping and force the QB to throw into a ball hawking secondary is the name of the game. Basically the Baltimore Ravens are my target. So i was happy when we hired a coach who believes in a power run game and has the patience to teach his players. Even though i thought we were a few Great players away from a solid 4-3, i like that we are transitioning everything at the same time. IMHO the 3-4 seems a little more versatile as a pass rush defense, which is an area were we have been hurting.

FA and trades. First of all I think we all understand that Ralph wont spend megabucks to get the likes of Porter, Peppers or Foote (even though i would love to see Foote in the middle next year.) However i think we do go and get Pennington. We absolutely need a QB, and he makes good decisions reads defenses and is a good mentor. Sign Him for two years. Next and My Biggest Free agent that we target and throw money at is Tony Pashos, T San Fransisco. Mean run Blocker will jump right into the shoes of on of my favorite current Bills who just retired (Good Luck Brad). We need linebacker help so i grab Matt Wilhelm ILB SF, he is young, can hit hard and has a working knowledge of the 3-4. The last one we get is Will Heller TE Detroit, big bodied tight end that will play the role of blocker in Chans offense. I trades Donte Whitner to the Falcons for their third rounder. They need secondary help and we need the picks. Their pick is number 83. My next trade, i get a sixth rounder out of the Seahawks for Roscoe Parrish. We dump a large contract and they get return help. I plead with Aaron Schobel to stick around and try the 3-4 and he agrees to stay another year. So with free agency and trades over we head to the draft....

The Draft. i couldnt work out any trades except with the Giants but i was afraid if we drop to 15 then Seattle will take my Guy at 14. So i stay at nine and draft..

1. Brian Bulaga LT Iowa. A bit of a reach at 9, but a safe pick. I believe him to be the most NFL ready of the prospects at lt that will be available to us. He is a hard worker and will solidify the Lt position for us for 10-12 yrs. I know others have more "upside" but we need someone to start now, and we have been burned by upside in the past..

2. Cam Thomas NT North Carolina ..At 6'3 and 330 he has a great motor. Good work ethic and should be the anchor point of our switch to the 3-4. Im not saying he is an automatic Jenkins or wilfork, but he will be a solid player for a long time.

3. Brandon Spikes ILB Florida. What? No way he falls to the third...wait a slow 40 time and the fact that many other middle backers have slide recently drop the slower Spikes into our waiting arms..a solid pick and the best value of the draft here. We get a solid hitter and a vocal leader..

3. Tyson Alualu De Cal. We Need lineman in the 3-4 and we get a solid pick here. good motor and run stuffer to add to the mix. At 6'3 and 295 he brings much needed size the position...

4. Jacoby Ford Wr/KR Clemson. We replace Roscoe with some righteous speed here. Speed kills in Football and at a legit low 4.3 maybe even 4.2, ford can be our poor man's desean jackson. we really have no homerun hitter on our team, but now we have the ability to stretch defenses deep..and return kicks to the house.

5. Matt Tenant C BC. Solid lineman in the fifth. Nothing Flashy, but someone who will ever push Hang for the starting Job or provide solid depth onlong the lines. I dont think Wood will be ready to go so we will need depth at guard as well.

6. Freddie Barnes WR BG. 19 touchdowns and around 1700 yrds recieving make this a solid pick, he might be able to step in and be our starting third or fourth if Stevie doesnt work out.

6. Levi Brown QB Troy. I was more impressed by him in the gmac bowl then i was by everyone's favorite Dan lefevour. Solid size and a lot of upside..Why not?

7.  James Starks RB UB. I couldnt think of anybody, so i copied the pick of fellow rumbler Blackthorn. Starks is a hometown kid who put up decent production.

7.  Ritchie Brockel FB Boise State. Solid Runner and pass catcher who will make a good special teamer and could replace Corey Mac at the fb postion...

Well Let me know what you think...

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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