March 17th, put it on your calendars...


Something we all knew was coming, is Tim Tebow's new mechanical prowess. He's planning on doing drills at UF's Pro Day on March 17th, sorry for those of you who were hoping to get a look at some QBs at the combine. The three arguably most important prospects aren't going to participate in drills there. Sam Bradford will still be healing his shoulder, Jimmy Clausen his toe, and Tebow will still be refining his technique. 


However, for all of the hemming and hawing that's gone on around here about Tim Tebow, the question is this:

"If he works out well and displays marked improvement in his mechanics... does that persuade you one way or the other about his ability to play in the NFL?" 


For me, it doesn't change much. It would only increase his score in an evaluation... but his draft stock is still the same for me. Tebow should be taken somewhere between 25-50.

DO NOT be shocked if he 'wows' at his Pro Day and a team jumps at him between 10-20 (even if it's not the Jags). NFL scouts are some of the most impressionable and capricious people on the planet. A guy can go from a 5th rounder to a 2nd if he sprints 40 yards in a certain amount of time. 


P.S. - UF's  Pro Day is going to be somewhat of a spectacle this year with anywhere from 7-9 1st day prospects working out (at least six 1st-2nd rounders). 

Players of Note Include...

Maurkice Pouncey ==> he played G and C for the Gators but is more than athletic enough to move to RT. At 6'5" 320 lbs, he might even be better suited to play tackle. 

Brandon Spikes ==> Can play any LB position in Buffalo's new front. Interestingly, he excelled when they had him put his hand on the ground and play DE against Bama and OU (Andre Smith couldn't block him). Good 40 = 1st round... Bad 40 = 2nd round

Joe Haden ==> (please God no, not another corner on the 1st day) I think people are a little too high on Joe Haden. He might go in the top 10 but he probably shouldn't. He's solid but I don't think he's got the size or the speed to be a shut-down corner. Otherwise, he's very polished and should have an awesome rookie season, but he's no Champ Bailey

Carlos Dunlap ==> I absolutely love that he's underrated. He won't fall to the 2nd but I can dream, I guess. The knock is he's inconsistent. All I know is I've never seen him stopped when TRIES. Sky is the limit. Besides, I'll take any "inconsistent" guy who still gets 9.5 sacks in the SEC. 

Aaron Hernandez ==> While Haden is overrated, Hernandez is definitely underrated. Why is he not a consensus 1st rounder? Probably because he didn't have to block much. But Dustin Keller went in the 1st and Hernandez is MUCH more skilled as a route runner and has better hands than Keller did coming out. AH just won't run in the 4.4's so he stays in the 2nd probably (honestly, 40 times are stupid). 

Major Wright ==> he's projected as a mid-rounder. An absolute torpedo in the secondary. Would add great depth at S and would be a ST demon. With George Wilson about to be extended, I wouldn't be surprised if there's movement at S. 

Jermaine Cunningham ==> undersized to play DE in the NFL... but there is a possible move to "rush LB" in his future. He had noticeably more pressures than Dunlap, but was not as good at finishing sacks. 

Rylie Cooper ==> strong, physical... good speed, great hands. He's a bigger slightly slower version of Jordan Shipley. He'd be a great fit in the slot on some team... perhaps the Bills. Could be a fit on the outside as well, very Drew Bennett-like. 

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