Be Gentle its my first time .....mock drafting on here

SO this is my first ever mock draft on buffalo rumblings.....hope everyone likesit

Alright this is a new Bills only mock draft. This draftdoes not concern FA since I have no idea what the Billswill do there. So with out further ado here goes.

1st RD  Dan Williams NT Tennessee- With the hiring of George Edwards as our DCtoday,and his stated intentions of converting the Bill's to a 3-4 its absolutely essential to get a guy that can anchor the NT position. Williams is the pick here for that reason. But in real life I could see the Bills trading back 4 or 5 spots before taking him.

2nd RD  Jerry Hughes OLB TCU- Thisis another pick to help us get switched to the 3-4 as rapidly as possible. He's a great prospect as a Rush LB and with him onboard our linebacker corps would be Maybin,Mitchell,Poz,Hughes. And if Schoebel returns we can use him as a situational pass rusher. Thats also possibly the most talented LB corps the Bills have had in the last 10 years.

3rd RD  Jason Fox OT Miami- Thisis a guy who's stock has fallen a little bit recently. But hes's big and physical with a ton of talent and would do a nice job of solidifying our depth along the O line.

4th RD Levi Brown QB Troy- While I know you all have the LeFevour fever however  I like Brown better as a pro QB prospect. He's bigger,and has a stronger arm. He's also definetly a guy worth grooming to be our QB of the future.

5th RD Andrew Quarless TE Penn State-He's a speedy receiving TE who would do well paired up with Nelson. I also think either Fine or Schouman will be gone this offseason and this guy is a definite upgrade from either one of them.

6th RD Reggie Carter ILB-This guy has good size and is a nice depth pick for our LB corps. No more 220 pound linebacker's let us celebrate.

6th RD James Starks RB Buffalo-We need some depth at the RB position and Stark's is a local college product with some talent ,so why not?

7th RD Trindon Holliday WR/KR LSU-He's the fastest man in college football and a heck of a returner.  He's DeHaven's pick here in the 7th. And IMO he really is a value pick.

7th RD

Eric Cook C New Mexico. -He's a 6 foot 6 mauler and well worth taking a flyer on in the 7th rd. Plus the man only gave up one sack all last year.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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