How to rebuild the Bills

I've been on here a lot lately and have read pretty much every comment and every mock draft posted in the last week; or more importantly since George Edwards was hired as our DC.  And I have to admit, there's one thing that is bugging me: How people are overly concentrated on trying to rebuild our D.

To be more precise, since we've hired Edwards every single possible draft pick discussion in the first three rounds has only involved defensive players, saying that be must address all the needs on our new defensive scheme immediately for it to work.  I could not disagree more with this mentality. (Although I understand that this may very well be because of our shiny new DC.)  Truth is folks our D is very, very, VERY far away from being complete.  As many of you have stated, we need to totally rebuild our front 7, and may only have 3 or 4 players that can immediately transfer over with any kind of success.

Meanwhile our O is essentially only 2 or 3 players away from being competitive.  We have a very good RB group.  An acceptable (although unimpressive) WR corps, although we could use another WR to start opposite Evans, it is not a make or break position at the moment.  The current 4 TE's that we have could all stay aboard and form very successful group, especially if Nelson plays at the level that we all think he can. 

As for our line, well our inside line may not be very impressive, but in between Levitre, Wood (if he comes back), Hangartner and Incognito (which I actually want to see return in a reserve role) we have a very solid group that would only really need 1 more player in a depth role to be complete.  Our tackles are lacking, but in between Butler, Bell and Merideth we have a good group that can play RT and swing tackle in a reserve capacity.  Add in Chambers that can be used as a reserve for both tackle and guard and all our line is missing is an LT. 

And then of coarse there's the biggest team need: a starting QB.

What I'm trying to get at is that to fix our offense all we are really missing is two players: a starting LT and a starting QB.  And while I realise that they are very hard to find in the NFL, finding those two pieces and fixing our offense for the foreseeable future is much easier to do then to fix our D.  And that's why i think that this year's draft should be concentrated on the offense... or at least the early rounds should be. 

I have said more than once that I don't think that there will me a franchise QB available to us in the draft this year, as for Claussen and Bradford will be gone before we pick.  So that leaves the LT to be addressed in the draft.  I think that our first pick should be a LT, either Davis, or preferable Bulaga.  And that we should pursue options at QB threw free agency or a trade.  And with that done, it free up the rest of our draft to concentrate on the D.

Going D-D-O, or D-O-D in the first three rounds would be a mistake.  I truly believe that we should be aiming to fix our hole at LT first and for most, and then help build the depth for our O threw the rest of the draft.

We can't ix the D this year, there are too many needs.  But we can fix our O, so how about we do that?

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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