2010 NFL Mock Draft 2.0

2010 NFL Mock Draft Rd. 1

  1. Rams - Ndamukong Suh (DT)
    Front runs for the Michael Vick trade which makes sense with Rams GM history with Vick.  Spagnuola is a defensive minded coach and Suh is just too good to pass up.  They would form an incredible defensive front with two former first round picks.

  2. Lions - Russel Okung (OT)
    Most mock drafts have the Lions taking McCoy.  I don't buy it.  The Lions take the best OT and acquire a franchise LT to protect their franchise QB Stafford.

  3. Bucs - Eric Berry (S)
    Sure it's true that safeties never get picked so early but this is now a pass happy league and the Superbowl proved this to be true.  Eric Berry is being compared to Ed Reed.  Reflecting on elite teams: Troy Polamalou, Bob Sanders, Ed Reed, Rodney Harrison (during Pats SB runs), Darren Sharper.  Berry is too good.

  4. Redskins - Sam Bradford (QB)
    Bradford has indicated that his arm feels great.  He is a franchise QB.  Shanahan has only taken a QB once in the 1st round - Jay Cutler, so this pick is not a 100%.  But doesn't matter because this is not Shanahan's decision this is Snyder's decision and he likes his big names.

  5. Chiefs - Bruce Campbell (OT)
    Chiefs snag a franchise LT to protect their franchise QB.  Chiefs have done a great job of building their team.

  6. Seahawks - Jimmy Clausen (QB)
    Pete Carrol gets his franchise signal caller.  Matt Hasselback is getting old and finished the season horribly.  Jimmy Clausen can start right away in Carrol's west coast offense.

  7. Browns - Joe Haden (CB)
    The browns defense made significant strides towards the end of the season however they really need a shutdown corner.  Haden is the best corner in the draft.

  8. Raiders - Gerald McCoy (DT)
    Raiders run defense was absolutely atrocious.  McCoy is rated by some as the best DT in the draft.  But you never know with Al Davis. 

  9. Bengals - Dez Bryant (WR)
    Buffalo trades their 9th overall pick for the Bengals 21st overall, 2nd rd, and 3rd rd pick.
    The Bengals have a very good roster.  They have an excellent defense, good coaching, and Carson Palmer needs to get over his Playoff hump.  This years game against the Jets clearly show that the Bengals need a threat opposite Ocho Cinco.  Rather than taking receivers in the first and second round, the Bengals trade up and take the best WR in the draft.  There are not many other pressing needs for the Bengals.

  10. Jaguars - Tim Tebow (QB)
    Tebow is not rated to go this high.  But this pick makes too much sense.  At the seniorbowl we saw how much fans love Tebow.  He sells tickets.  But I like an athlete who always stands up for what he believes in.  I love his work ethic.  I love his leadership.  He is a project with so much potential.  It took Vince Young 3 years to become a good pocket passer.  He faced criticism for his mechanics and foot work but look at the product he has become.  Aaron Rodgers sat on the bench watching Brett Favre, look at him now.  Tebow will sit and watch.  QB coaches will help him and he has the worth ethic to make himself successful.

  11. Broncos - Dan Williams (NT)
    Broncos missed their chance at Bryant.  Their biggest problem on defense is the front three.  They need to have more pressure from the defensive line and so they take the best NT in the draft.  Allow their linebackers to make more plays.

  12. Dolphins - Rolando McClain (LB)
    Dolphins LB crew is weak and severely depleted with the departures of Jason Taylor and Porter and their LBs coach.  They take the best LB in the draft.

  13. 49ers - C.J. Spiller (RB)
    Although RB is not a glaring need, Spiller is an incredible prospect.  He is identical to Reggie Bush.  Spiller can play the slot, change of pace back, and assist in 49ers special teams.

  14. Seahawks - Bryan Bulaga (OT)
    Franchise LT to protect Carrol's new franchise QB.  Bulaga is very polished.

  15. Giants - Brian Price (DT)
    The Giants really have to shore up their defensive line.  They played very poorly against the run this season and Brian Price is perfect for Perry Fewel's Cover 2 Scheme

  16. Titans - Derrick Morgan (DE)
    The Titans biggest need is at DE and pass rush.  They need to apply better pressure to QBs especially Peyton Manning.  Best DE prospect in draft.
  17. 49ers - Trent Williams (OT)
    The 49ers are in desperate need for a RT to complete their line.  They get the best right tackle in the draft.

  18. Steelers - Terrence Cody (NT)
    The line is getting old, especially Hampton.  So they take the Mountain to plug the hole that Hampton will leave.  Perfect fit in Pittsburgh. 

  19. Falcons - Sean Weatherspoon (LB)
    Desperate need for a LB especially with Peterson getting old.  Weatherspoon is an excellent 4-3 OLB.

  20. Texans - Earl Thomas (FS)
    Ballhawking safety that will help the Texans get closer to beating the Manning and winning the division.

  21. Bills - Anthony Davis (OT)
    Davis is a massive OT and fulfills our glaring need at LT.  He is excellent in all aspects of the game and still has more upside.  His work ethic and weight are a concern. 

  22. Patriots - Jermaine Gresham (TE)
    Best TE in the draft and absolutely incredible athlete.  Bill loves his TEs.  Brady needs another weapon especially with Moss getting older and Welker returning from a major injury.

  23. Packers - Charles Brown (OT)
    Aaron Rodgers was the most sacked QB in the league.  The line did improve as the season passed but they still need help on their offensive line.  Charles Brown is the best zone blocking tackle in the draft.  Very polished prospect, former TE.

  24. Eagles - Carlos Dunlop (DE)
    Eagles need to improve their DE position and their pass rush.  Romo faced no pressure in his consecutive games against the Eagles.  They are lucky to land Dunlop. 

  25. Ravens - Damian Williams (WR)
    Flacco really needs another target.  Derick Mason is getting old.  Williams is a very polished receiver.

  26. Cardinals - Brandon Graham (OLB/DE)
    Graham was sensational in the Seniorbowl.  He is small to play 4-3DE but will be perfect as a rush outside 3-4 linebacker.  It is the Cardinals weakest position.  I want the Cardinals to take a OT, but the top prospects are taken and Graham is the BPA

  27. Cowboys - Mike Iupati (G)
    Perfect for Cowboys offensive line philosophy.  Iupati is massive.

  28. Chargers - Jonathan Dwyer (RB)
    LT's departure is inevitable.  Chargers need an all down back to work with Darren Sproles, that is if the Chargers decide to keeep him.  Dwyer is a strong all purpose back who can run in between the tackles and has great burst.

  29. Jets - Jason Pierre Paul (DE/OLB)
    Huge upside but kind of a one year wonder.  If anyone can bring out a defensive players potential Rex Ryan can.  The Jets solidify their already good defense.

  30. Vikings - Patrick Robinson (CB)
    Cedric Griffin tore is ACL and Vikings need to address that position.  Robinson is 2nd best CB in the draft.

  31. Colts - Taylor Mays (S)
    The Colts showed a weakness in defending the Saints receivers.  Saints receivers outmatched the Colts defensive backs in height and weight.  This is the same problems Colts have when facing the Patriots and the Chargers.  Taylor Mays had a poor seniorbowl but with the right coaching he will make an impact.  He is perfect for the Colts because they emphasize speed and hard hitting.  Bob Sanders gets injured too often. 

  32. Saints - Everson Griffen (DE)
    The Saints need to improve their pass rush across Will Smith, and improve their run blocking.  The LBs are also a need because their are free agents and they are getting old.  But what a Superbowl they played!


1 - Anthony Davis (OT)

2 - Cam Thomas (NT)
Third best NT in the draft.  Excellent performance at Senior Bowl.  Have to move in 2nd to get him before the Lions or the Bucs decide to draft him.
TRADE - Buffalo trades their 2nd round 9th pick, and 4th round 8th pick for Rams 2nd round 1st pick.

2 - Sergio Kindle (DE/OLB)
Proper outside LB for our new 3-4 defense
Acquired from Bengals trade.  53rd overall pick. 

3 - Eric Decker (WR) OR BPA
Possession receiver to compliment Evans.  Very polished. 

3 - Jason Veldheer (OT) OR BPA
Probably my favorite prospect in the draft.  Massive size.  Consistent.  Athletic.  Huge upside.  Project player.
Acquired from Bengals trade.  85th overall pick.

5 - LeGarrette Blount (RB) OR BPA
Bulldozer RB that would compliment Fred Jackson.  Made this pick with the mindset that Marshawn goes.  Excellent seniorbowl.

5 - Ryan Perrilloux (QB) OR BPA
Athletic QB that fits Gailey's interests.

6 - BPA

7 - BPA

7 - BPA

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