My Top 5's for Positions of Need and Mock Draft

So usually Mike Mayock likes to do his Top 5's and I like this concept. It is absolutely impossible to guess what player where go were in each of the rounds, mainly due to trades and unexpected picks. Thats why the draft is so interesting in my opinion. 

So here, I am going to list all my top 5's at each position of need for us. Next to their name will be their college, projected round/pick range and any addition comments that I found interesting. 

After My Top 5's, I did my own type of mock draft. Since it is again impossible to guess exactly who we will or should take, I instead chose a couple names that you should be happy with if they were selected to us. For example, in the 2009 draft, I would have put down (Brian Orakpo, Michael Oher, Brandon Pettigrew) for the 1st round. Unfortunately, not Aaron Maybin, but hey, I wouldn't have guessed Byrd in the second. This makes the "mock draft" more realistic and takes in account trades or players that may slide or rise since I will be picking a couple names versus just one. Granted, the first pick in the first round is a bit easier to exactly make then the latter rounds. I agree with Brian and also believe Dan Williams will be called when the Bills pick. Have fun and let me know what you think!


Top Priorities for the Buffalo Bills:


1.) QB- Still looking for that replacement for #12


2.) LT- Needs to protect our future QB


3.) NT- We simply don't have one (or at least a starting one) and this could easily be tied with #1 and #2


4.) LB- We were horrible against the Run. Are only good LB is Poz IMO and now we need 4 LB's so theres a lot of work to be done. Hopefully Mitchell is back, and its nice that he can play both inside and outside.


5.) WR- We are missing that offensive threat. Its evident that teams will do almost anything for it. Thats why the Seahawks are pondering about giving their 6th overall pick away for B. Marshall. We are missing that threat. Lee Evans has proved to be a mediocre receiver. Fast, good hands but not quick and elusive. Not entirely strong or big and wayyy overpaid. Still, he is one of my favorite Bills though.


6.) DE- It is a mystery if Stroud and Williams will be able to do well playing the 3-4 DE position. If they can't play it, we're in big trouble. As you can see its #6 on my list so I do believe they will be able to do well in this system.


7.) Please Cut Chris Kelsay- He doesn't fit in the 3-4 system at all and he is horrible :) for you K. O by the way, this should be like # 0 and is a bigger priority than even getting a Q.B.

My Top 5's for these positions: (some have more than 5)

2010 Draft- My Top 5 rankings


Defensive Tackles: 4-3 DE and/or 3-4 DE's:


1.) Suh- Neb (Top 3) ---could be a 3-4 DE

2.) Mccoy- OU (Top 3) ---could be a 3-4 DE

3.) Odrick- Penn State (Top 20) ---could be a 3-4 DE

4.) Lamarr Houston-Texas (2nd Rd) could be a 3-4 DE

5.) Tyson Alualu- Cal (2nd Rd-3rd)



Nose Tackles:


1.) Dan Williams-Tenn (Top 15)

2.) Brian Price- UCLA (Bottom 1st, early 2nd)

3.) Cam Thomas-NC (2-3 rds)

4.) Terrance Cody-Al (1st-2nd)

5.) Linval Joseph- East Carolina (3rd-4th)



Offensive Tackles:


1.) Okung- Ok St. (Top 5)

2.) Bulaga- Iowa (Top 10)

3.) Trent Williams- OK (Top 20)

4.) Charles Brown- USC (Top 30)

5.) Bruce Campbell- Maryland (Top 20)- Boom or Bust pick

6.) Anthony Davis- Rutgers (Top 20) -I really don't like Davis and think we should stay far far away from him. He is a Jason Peter's clone. Great potential, no work ethic.

7.) Rodger Saffold, Indiana (2-3rd)

8.) Jason Fox-Miami (3rd-4th)

9.) Jared Veldheer-Hillsdale (2-3rd)





1.) Clausen- ND (Top 5)

2.) Tim Tebow- FL (1-2) -In my opinion will be great. It may take him a couple years, but doesn't it take most QB's a couple years? He has the determination and leadership to carry a Franchise. Determination and leadership will take you a long ways in life. Add on extreme talent and huge upside and you have yourself a hell of a football player/person.

3.) Sam Bradford-OU (Top 5)- Not a fan and believe he wouldn't fit in Buffalo. I question his arm strength and his shoulder issue. 

4.) Jarrett Brown- WV (2-3rd) - Could be the steal of the draft.

5.) Colt McCoy- TX (3rd-4th) - Another bad fit for Buffalo. I compare him a lot to Bradford and find them similar. McCoy is a bit more athletic and shorter but his arm strength is the big question mark.



OLB 3-4:

1.) Jerry Hughes-TCU (late 1-2nd)

2.) Sergio Kindle- TX (Late first, early second)

3.) Jason Pierre-Paul-USF (Top 10)

4.) Eric Norwood- SC T (3rd-4th) (absolute steal if he falls this far)

5.) Koa Misi, Utah (2nd-3rd)



ILB 3-4:

1.) Mcclain- Al (Top 15)

2.) Spikes-Fl (2-3rd)

3.) Pat Anger, Iowa (3-4th) (another steal if he falls this far)

4.) Sean Lee, PSU (3rd-4th)

5.) Jamar Chaney, Miss St. (2-3rd) - fastest 40 for lb, 4.5




1.) Dez Bryan, OK st. (Top 20)

2.) Golden Tate, ND (Late 1st) - reminds me a lot of Lee Evans but a little more shifty.

3.) Arrelious Benn, Il (1-2)

4.) Brandon Lafell, LSU (2nd)

5.) Damian Williams, USC (2nd)

6.) Eric Decker, Minn (5-6th) Out for a year with a foot-could be a steal tho.

7.) Jordan Shipley, TX could be a steal in later rounds (projected as 4-5th round). This kid is a football player, not a track star. Reminds me a lot of Wes Welker- Could see the Pats being smart and taking him since they are smart...plain and simple.


Bills Picks/Mock Draft:


Note: My top 5's take us into the 4th round so thats were I'll stop. This class is deep though, especially at LB. We can definitely get some solid guys past the 5th round this year. Also, the second round has a lot of talent and we should be able to grad a very solid starter in the 2nd.


*----What I would prefer if he was absolutely there is also in bold.


1st Round- Dan Williams/Rolando Mcclain/Brian Bulaga*


2nd Round- Lamarr Houston/Brian Price/Rodger Saffold/Brandon Lafell/Brandon Spikes/Jerry Hughes/Sergio Kindle/Tim Tebow*/Terrance Cody


3rd Round- Pat Anger/Eric Noorwood/Jarett Brown/Jason Fox/Cam Thomas*


4th Round- Pat Anger/Eric Noorwood*/Jason Fox


5th Round- Jordan Shipley (Wouldn't mind taking one of these WR in these rounds)


6th Round- Eric Decker (Wouldn't mind taking one of these WR in these rounds)



***Sorry for you Tebow haters cuz you probably don't like me taking Tebow in the 2nd. But don't worry guys, he won't even be there when we pick in the 2nd, he will be long gone. My next option from those guys would be a tie b/w Jerry Hughes and Sergio Kindle with the edge probably going with Hughes****

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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