Bill's offseason acquisitions so far.

So far in Free agency the Buffalo Bills have signed 3 players. Cornell Green,Andra Davis, and Dwan Edwards.  Continue reading after the jump for an in depth analysis on each player.

Cornell Green OT

Cornell Green is far and away the most controversial FA signing the Bills have made so far this offseason. Most Bills fan's(myself included) reacted to Green's signing with either bewilderment, or in a few cases outright anger. I believe Green was signed by the Bills for a few reasons. The first is the man has a Superbowl ring, which makes him one of the few player's on the roster with one. Also Green has some ties to the Bill's current coaching staff through John Gamble one of our S and C coaches, via there time in Miami together.(Which admittedly was brief) Green comes with some character concern's due to an alleged domestic violence incident occuring March 22nd 2009. Green comes to the Bills from the Oakland Raiders.

           Cornell Green's strength's as a player are that he has good lateral mobility, and is very athletic. His weakness's are that he's a penalty machine, and can get pushed backward while pass blocking. And the fact that he's 34 year's old isn't helping anyone feel better either. Green signed a 3 year 9 million dollar contract with the Bill's. It's my belief that Green only became a target of the Bill's when Brad Butler announced his retirement.

Outlook on Green: Probable short term starter at RT(1 season or less as starting RT)

Player most affected by Green's acquisition: Jamon Meredith


Andra Davis ILB

Andra Davis was the second Bill's signing of the offseason so far. And unlike Green the move has been universally lauded by Bill's fan's. Davis was signed by the Bill's to ease there defensive transition from a Cover-2 scheme, to a 3-4 scheme. Davis is a long time NFL starter at ILB. Green project's as a 2 down Ted ILB in our system. (assuming we run the 3-4 like 90 percent of the time,as our base defensive look) Davis has played for the Browns and Broncos. His career stat'sare 641 Tackles, 8.5 Sacks(3.5 of them coming last season with the Broncos, and the other 5 coming in 2003 with the Browns) and 8 INT's.

      There are no character concern's withDavis.In Buffalo, Davis is reunited with new Bills defensive coordinator George Edwards, who served as the Browns linebackers coach in 2004 . Davis's strength's as a player are against the run. Which should come as a relief to Bills fan's after the Bills finished 2009 ranked 30 against the run. His weakness's are in pass coverage, which should be minimized by the Bills new 3-4 scheme. Davis signed a 2 year 4.4 million dollar contract with the Bills.


Outlook on Davis: Probable short term starter, and leading tackler on Bills in 2010.

Player most affected by Davis's acquisition: Kawika Mitchell


Dwan Edwards DE/DT

          Edwards was the Bills 3rd signing so far of the 2010 off season. And is another move that has been lauded by Bills fans. Edwards comes to the Bills from the Baltimore Ravens. Edwards was the Ravens top pick in 2004, coming in the second round. Dwan Edwards was originally considered one of the top player's available in Free Agency. however concerns about his neck led to Edwards being on the market for longer than anticipated. Edwards is another player that help's ease the Bills transition to a 3-4. However his size mean's that he can also slide inside in goal line packages, or in any 4-3 look's the Bill's may show this season. Edwards has never started 16 games in a season. He had 13 starts in 2007, and 9 in 2009. He missed the whole 2008 season with an injury. Edwards career stat's are 90 Tackles 2 Sacks and 1 Int.

         There are no character concerns with Edwards. And as far as i can tell he has no ties to the Bills current coaching staff. Edwards strength's as a player are against the run, and his ability to take on multiple blockers. His weakness would be as a pass rusher where he's somewhat inconsistent at pushing the pocket. Which admittedly isn't a problem as in the 3-4 scheme the DE's primary responsibility is to stop or contain the run, not rush the QB. Edwards signed a 4 year 18 million dollar with the Bills.


Outlook on Edwards:Probable primary DE for length of his contract

Player most affected by Edwards acquisition: Marcus Stroud, Spencer Johnson

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