State of the Bills: A few thoughts

So here's a few thoughts that I have on the current Bills situation.  First off I do not like the idea of McNabb in Buffalo it's time to rebuild and he is an aging veteran, productive YES, but aging nonetheless.  The cost of trading for him and signing him to the contract is too great for our current Bills. However, I've always been a big fan of McNabb it just wouldn't make sense.

Next, if Culpepper would want to sign or if the Bills had a shot at trading for Michael Vick I would love the idea, for the right price of course.  It is important that we don't give up too much to acquire Vick and it seems like Philly is valuing him much higher than he is currently worth, so I don't see that plan happening.  As far as Culpepper, well past his prime but still wants to start.  I only like the idea if we can trade Trent Edwards for something before his stock is completely lost.  I'm not sure what other teams even value him at now but he could still be had for maybe a 4th or 5th round pick to say a team like Indy or Pitt. who have an established vet QB and could use a guy with potential to back them up.  Also with their picks being later in those respective rounds they may not value them as much and will be willing to part with a 4th or 5th.  Get Culpepper in for a 1-2 yr contract let him battle with Fitz, and Brohm to start and draft our QB of the future this year to sit and learn the system for a yr or 2 before throwing him out there.

Another hot topic is receiver.  I have always been a T.O. fan since before he came to Buffalo and was ecstatic that we signed him!  However, I do not think it's a good idea that we try to sign him again or any other big name vet for that matter.  It's time we see what we have in James Hardy and Steve Johnson.  Personally I would like the Bills to maybe add a vet for depth and a hope of mine is that we are able to snag Jordan Shipley in the 3rd-4th round.  He would be a great slot receiver for us, Hardy and Johnson would battle for the #2 spot and finally we will know what we have there at the WR position.  If things don't workout between those 2 then we know that next year we need to draft a WR or sign a FA but currently it's just a question mark.

Finally the draft.  Other than DT which is unfortunately the most important position of a 3-4 , it seems the Bills defense is pretty solid/ set.  So I have a feeling that the Bills draft will be a little more focused on offense.  I will be the first to admit that I am all for the Bills drafting Tim Tebow.  We all know what he has and what he needs to work on so I'm not going to go into that.  However myself, many fans, and even Jim Kelly seem to believe that this guy is something special but the most important thing is he will NEED TIME to develop.  The problem with Buffalo is we never let our quarterbacks sit, learn, and develop....and as a result, they've flopped.  I hate when scouts focus on so many things such as 40 times and mechanics and as a result players fall.  A few years ago a WR out of Florida State fell to the 2nd round because he was deemed too slow due to a bad 40 time.  That WR name was Anquan Boldin and I would say he has had a pretty successful career.  There of course is others that is just one recent example.  I'm just trying to say that if the guy is a winner, and can get it done on the field THAT is what should really matter, if a guy can play he can play.  As for my mock draft it would look like this:

Round 1: Bryan Bulaga, Anthony Davis, Trent Williams OT Iowa,Rutgers, Oklahoma- Bills need an OT desperately bottom line!

Round 2: Tim Tebow QB, Florida- QB of the future, but will need time....the guy is a winner and that's all that matters, he will make plays and find a way to get it done.

Round 3: Jordan Shipley WR, Texas- great slot WR to help a questionable Bills WR corp, may be here may not though.

Round 4: Arthur Jones DT, Syracuse- guy is pretty dominant when he is healthy on the field, easily could have been a 1st or 2nd round pick but health injuries are a concern.

Round 5: James Starks RB, Buffalo- playmaker who was talked about as a possible 1st rd pick before an early season injury took him out for the year.  Let him sit for a year to make sure he's fully healthy and we may have a special player if we decide to part ways with Lynch after next season.

Round 6: BPA

Round 7: BPA

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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