Mockapalooza Oh-Ten (X-treme Addition)

Now that my title has sucked you in, here my first (and most likely only) Mock draft.

Round One, Pick #9;

                Derrick Morgan (DE/OLB) - After reading a very convincing fan post about the Bills not selecting a OT (thanks Honestabe75) in the first round, I've come to the conclusion that OLB is the teams biggest need (outside of QB, which i don't think Bradford or Clausen will be around at #9).  I know a lot of people will be clammoring for a OT, but I think OBD would not be horrified throwing a power running game behind Bell at LT and Green at RT (they are both decent at run-blocking).  The only other option would be NT Dan Williams, which would not be a bad choice.  But given the GT link between Morgan and Gailey, the uncertainty of Schobel, and the lack of pass rushers (we don't know what Maybin has), Morgan almost has to be the choice.


Round Two, Pick #41;

                   Tim Tebow (QB) - I know, I know, not another Tebow fan right?  I'm actually not too big of a Tebow fan, but I'm not a hater either.  However, I do think that Buddy Nix and/or Chan Gailey are Tebow fans for a couple of reasons.  First off, Nix has said himself that he wants to rebuild correctly, not necessarily fast.  Even Tebow fanatics have to admit that he is not will not be ready to drop back from center and start slinging the football in Week One, but I think Nix fully realizes that and is counting on the fact that he won't be ready.  Nix, by picking Tebow, would not only (hopefully) solve his future QB problem, but has a young QB he can have Gailey groom, while having a logical excuse to not throw Tebow to the wolves behind our O-Line.  

Round Three, Pick #73;

                    Cam Thomas (NT) - I dont personally know too much about Thomas (i not a big college football fan), but I do realize that the Bills need a NT desperately.  Thomas fits the bill.  From what I've read, Thomas is a two down run stuffer, much in the mold of Mt. Cody.  While he lacks pass rushing moves, he is a solid run-stuffer.  Using him in a combination rotation Kyle Williams (as the pass rusher) could solve a one of our front seven problems.

     Round Four, Pick #107;

                      Ciron Black (OT) - The Offensive Line (their play is offensive anyway) is going to be addressed at some point during the draft, you can count on it.  While this is much lower than most other have the Bills drafting an OT, Black does have a lot of potential.  He didnt show a lot in his senior year, but he has the measurables to make a great RT, of course with some more polish that is.  OBD could be thinking that Green can hold down the RT spot for a year, while Black adjust to the game at the Pro level.  If Bell works out for them at LT(ie looks at lot better after another year of starting), then they would have two young tackles with elite Potential going forward on the O-line revamp.


Round Five, Pick #140;

                           James Starks (RB) - Starks has the all the making to end up be at least an above average RB, if not better in the league, but he was injured for almost all of his senior year at UB.  Starks could be a great change of pace back at a very reasonable price because of his lack of a senior year.  Although he doesn't fit the prototypical "quick as a cat waterbugs" that Gailey was talking about, he is still faster than Lynch or Jackson and being a hometown boy he would be an instant fan favorite, which is something that COO Russ Brandon would love as a market tool.

Round Six, Pick #176

                             Brandon Carter (OG/OT)  - Carter is another one of those physically imposing, but extremely raw O-lineman out there.  While he has the measurables to line up at OG or OT, he has a fair amount of technique he still has to learn.  He doesn't move he feet well laterally, meaning he struggles against faster D-lineman, but the other problem is at Texas Tech he operated out of a two point stance.  So Carter has problem both at Tackle (his footwork) and at Guard (his starting stance), but that is what makes his a good late round pickup.  He does have the physical attributes you need, but not the skill (yet), making him a good back-up/project.

Round Six, Pick # 192

                              Brian Jackson (CB) - I admittily know less and less the further into the draft I go, but Jackson seems to fit the requirements set for by OBD for the last 10 years in that he is: 1. - OBD always has to have an obligatory pick of a DB (i think OBD thinks it is set at safety) and 2. - He is from OU.  There is the DB for OU we always seem to draft.

Round Seven, Pick #207

                                Naaman Roosevelt (WR) - We are going to need five capable receivers this season, and at last count we only employ four.  Enter Roosevelt, another home town boy that would be a fan favorite.  As UB develops as a football school, I think that COO Brandon could start using a UB to the Bills pipeline as a way of exciting an admittedly skeptical fan base.


Thanks for bearing along with me and this addition of Mockapalooza Oh-Ten.  I look forward to reading and responding to what you want to discuss/tear up about the Mock

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