My Big Fat Mock Draft 2.0

This mock will focus on strengthening the offensive and defensive lines, and takes into account the FA signings of DE Edwards and ILB Davis.  It is still my opinion that a combination of injury, lack of talent on the roster, lack of availability of impact Free Agents do to the current CBA situation, and the switch to the 3-4 defense makes drafting line heavy a very prudent move. This is how I would draft if I were the Bills GM.

To make things a little more interesting, I have Lynch being traded for a 3rd and 4th, and yes I think this could still happen.  To who?  I don't know, but the Redskins would be my first choice.  The Vikings are also a possibility.


1 -  LT - Bryan Bulaga Height: 6-6  Weight: 312 - Outside of QB, we have no greater need than LT.  I assume Clausen and Bradford will be gone, so that leaves no QB worthy of being considered this high.  Bell may be a LT, but due to his performance last season at the position, I would rather pencil him in at RT.  We can't afford to take the chance of not landing a franchise LT again this year.  Time to draft some competition for Bell and let the loser play RT.  Bulaga is my #1 LT and I hope he doesn't go sooner than expected.  Many mocks have the Chiefs taking him.  Bulaga is the nastiest LT in this year's draft.  He reminds me of Oher, who the Bills should have taken…..but I digress.  Bulaga has the prototypical quick feet and long enough arms to play the position.  Bulaga's arms are the same length as Jason Peters, so please don't tell me his arms are to short.  He makes his block and then looks for someone else to hit.  He might lack some of the power that Davis has, but that is nothing an NFL weight room can't fix.  Imagine a left side of Bulaga and Levitre.  If Bulaga is gone, I am torn between taking Trent Williams or Dan Williams.  If the Bills are targeting a QB in the second round, I would give the nod to Trent.

2 - G - Vladimir Ducasse Height: 6-5  Weight: 330  - .  In case you can't tell, I am determined to fix the O-line with some depth to spare.  Wood's injury was nasty.  Even with Wood reportedly being ahead of schedule, I have doubts as to whether he will be 100% ready to start come September.  Either way with Butler gone, I think we need another Guard.  I would like to see Wood moved to Center and Hang come off the bench.  To bad Ducasse had to have such a great Sr Bowl or we would have been able to get him in the 3rd.   “Excellent size with a huge frame and long arms --- Tough, physical and aggressive --- Very strong --- Good athleticism and agility --- Quick and fires off the snap --- Light on his feet --- Gets an outstanding push in the run game --- Stout at the point of attack and can anchor --- Mobile with range to pull, get out in space and reach the second level --- Is feisty and competitive with a nasty on-field demeanor --- Zealous work ethic --- Is versatile --- Durable --- Experienced --- Considerable upside.”

3 - NT - Torrell Troup Height: 6-3  Weight: 314 - I would rather not see Kyle Williams as our starting NT, especially on running plays.  Troup is a guy who is more of what we are looking for in a 3-4 NT.  He is the 3rd best NT behind Williams and Cody and has enough talent to start for the Bills at NT from day one.  Has the frame to put on more weight.  Strong at the point of attack which helps him be a good run stuffer.  Hard worker and seems very likable.

3 (from Lynch trade) - ILB - Micah Johnson Height: 6-2  Weight: 256 - Even though we picked up a solid FA in Davis, he is no spring chicken.  If we can get a year or two out of Davis, then Johnson should be ready to take over. If not for injury, Johnson would go much higher but should last this long. He did not perform well at the combine and only slightly better at his ProDay, so he should be available here.  He is the stack and shed linebacker we need in the middle.  Very explosive with good sideline to sideline range.  Huge upside.

4. - QB - John Skelton Height: 6-5  Weight: 250 -  Anyone who knows me knows I have to include a developmental QB.  Skelton is a poor mans Flacco.  “East-West Shrine Tuesday Practice: None of the East quarterbacks, John Skelton (Fordham), Daryll Clark (Penn State) and Mike Kafka (Northwestern), had particularly strong days. Skelton clearly has the best size and arm strength, but failed to hit his target most times. It's difficult for quarterbacks and receivers to get on the same page early in the week, so even though Skelton couldn't connect with receivers downfield, the fact he could drive the ball deep while the Big Ten quarterbacks struggled to do so is still in his favor.” - Chad Reuter, The Sports Xchange, 

This pick was DE - Brandon Deaderick, but with the pick up of FA Edwards and the fact Skelton's stock has risen, I had to pick the QB.  Worst case, he becomes the backup apparent to whoever we take at QB next season.  Best case, we get a steal and he becomes our version of Matt Stafford.

4 (from Lynch trade) - RB - LeGarrette Blount Height: 6-1 Weight 240 -  A character risk, but is a bruising north/south runner.  Blount will have a chip on his shoulder and I think he will run hard and keep this nose clean.  My hope is that he has learned the lessons Lynch seems unwilling to learn.  Good compliment to Jackson.  And, by trading Lynch we also get Johnson at ILB.

5 - O'Brien Schofield - Height: 6-2 Weight: 238 - Here is Maybin's running mate for the Bills at OLB.  He should have gone in the first round, but tore the ACL in his knee at the Sr Bowl, which is why he might drop this far.

6 - NT - Kade Weston Height: 6-5  Weight: 325 - Developmental NT.  “Kade Weston was another defensive lineman who stood out.  He measured just under 6-feet, 5-inches, weighed 315-pounds, yet still ran the 40 in a time of 5-seconds flat.  His vertical jump was solid at 29.5 inches.  Weston received applause from the coaches during position drills as he displayed terrific hand punch and foot quickness during the bag drill.” 

6 - Marcus Easley WR Height: 6-2 Weight 215 - Stealing this guy from Kurupt, so in his own words. “Easley has very good size at 6'2", 215 lbs, and is expected to run somewhere around a 4.4 at the combine.  He's a very late bloomer, having walked on at UConn and making an impact only in his senior year, but he has all the attributes you look for in a WR.  He has very good hands to go with prototypical size and speed.  He needs a lot more work, but could really be a major find for whatever team drafts him.  With so many questions surrounding James Hardy and Steve Johnson, it's worth a gamble here.”

7 - Nate Byham TE Height: 6-4 Weight: 268 -   Coming off a shoulder injury, but has good size.  He was supposed to be the man until the emergence of Dorin Dickerson.  If Byham is gone, Brody Eldridge would work too.

7 -David Pender CB Purdue Height: 6-1 Weight: 175 - Developmental CB. Somewhere Jauron is smiling.  “Pender will work out at the combine after starting for three years at Purdue. His 33 pass breakups are second-most in school history and two shy of Steve Jackson's school record set from 1987-90. Pender had one of only four interceptions Notre Dame QB Jimmy Clausen threw last season.”

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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