Holy crud.....Silver did a mock.

I know, I know.  I usually bash all the mocks.  And honestly this is my first time doing one.  I am not that adept at the later rounds, but i will take a stab at round 1-5.  Bash me/Love me, doesnt matter to me.  But I love comments, so please keep em coming.  Also I am obviously not predicting where other teams may take a player, so that wont be reflected here.  And I explain why I didnt take a BUNCH of fat guys at the end.

Round 1 - Bryan Bulaga - He may not be a stud, but this guy can play.  He can and will shore up the left (or right) side of a line for many years to come.  Love the work ethic, love the demeanor this guy brings.

Round 2 - Tim Tebow - Now that the line is fixed, time for a QB.  Most people just talk about drafting him, few actually do (amiright poz?).  My reasoning is that I think TE may be able to bring himself back.  It may be hard, and may never happen, but I am OK with giving him a year to try.  That will let Tebow sit a year, possibly two depending on TE performance.  I like Tebow, and I dont think anyone can say I dont. He will be a starting QB in the NFL someday...

Round 3 - Torell Troupe - Everyone wants a NT, well here he is.  Everything I have read about him says hes an extremely hard worker, and has really upped his game since shedding 30 pounds his senior year.  He was constantly double teamed in college and still racked up 24 tackles for losses on a pretty bad team.  I think he could really add some depth to that NT spot, and hopefully morph into a full time starter.

Round 4 - Dexter McCluster - The Scat (such a bad word in the wrong context) Back that everyone wants.  His speed and versatility would be a perfect fit for the Buffalo Bills and a great compliment to both Marshawn Lynch and Freddy Jackson.  He would also fit in very nicely at PR after the loss of Parrish next season.....

Round 5 - Riley Cooper - This dude is a beast on the field.  Thought of as one of the better blocking WR coming into the draft.  He can flat out fly and has 6-5 size.  Route running is a concern, but I think can be easily fixed.  Add in his built in chemistry with Tebow and I think he would be a great pick up.

Rounds 6-7 - BPA.  Don't know much about these rounds, anything can happen.  Used to be Skelton could be had here, but not anymore it seems.  If it were up to me, I would draft big linemen here, or CB's.  You can never have enough of either.

Why no more Olinemen?  Well call me crazy, but I think Bell can handle the swing tackle, maybe even compete for RT (or LT with TT).  Meridith is still learning, and was seen as an athletic guy, so I am of the school of keep teaching/molding these youngsters, and they may pay very big dividends.  

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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