2009 Mock Draft

So I started to look back to where I thought the Bills were last year and who I thought they would draft, evaluating positions of necessity, etc.

Here is my post from last year.

Here is a look at evaluation as to what I got right/wrong and IF they actually drafted that way.

Round #1; Pick 11
Michael Oher - Tackle - Mississippi State
We NEED a LT with the void we have created by trading Peters.  There are only 4 players who can step in and play left tackle right away and Oher is the 4th best.  He might not be able to step in right away, but could play RT for a period of time while Langston Walker plays LT and then switch when it becomes painfully obvious that Walker is not athletic enough to play LT against the better pass rushers.

Evaluation:  He was taken MUCH later than I would have suspected by the Ravens at 23.  He had one hell of a rookie season starting at RT than moving to LT, than back to RT, playing very well as a rookie...  The Bills really screwed the pooch on this one.

Round #1 - Pick 28
Brandon Pettigrew - Tight End - Oklahoma State
Again, I guy who can come in and produce right away.  This pick is another one necessitated by the trading of Peters.  We need a good blocking TE and Pettigrew is definately the most polished and complete TE in the draft, by far.

Evaluation:  Never had the opportunity to come true since the Lions selected him with the 20th overall pick, however most around here thought he would go top 15 and suggested there was no way he makes it to 28, I guess I was optimistic.

Round #2, pick 42
Andrew Levitre - Guard - Oregon State
NOTE: the Bills will NOT draft Alex Mack.  He is much better suited to play Center and the best offseason signing was Hangartner.  Hangartner will man Center this year, period.  Levitre is slightly undersized but plays big and mean.  Based on what Geronimo said, he fits the profile the Bills are looking for.

Evaluation:  Man did I nail this - Enough said...  Oh yeah, where is Geronimo?

Round 3, Pick #75
Marcus Freeman - Outside Linebacker - THE Ohio State University
The Bills can't go 3 rounds without picking a grad from THE Ohio State University.  Marcus Freeman fits well within the cover-2 defense.  He is slightly undersized, but quick and can cover tightends well.

Evaluation:  We actually ended up with Freeman signing him as a FA after his release from the team that drafted him...   Looks like I overvalued the OSU guy.

I will stop there, because to be honest with you everything past here is competely dependant upon what other teams do and the pet projects (Fine, Corner) the Bills brass have their hearts set on.

Some other picks that would not surprise me though:
Larry English - DE/OLB - Northern Illionois in the late 1st/2nd
Connor Barwin - DE/OLB - Cincinnati in the late 1st/2nd

What I don't think the Bills will do:
1) Draft a LB or DE at pick #11 - MAN I WISH I WAS RIGHT HERE!
2) Draft Alex Mack
3) Draft Max Unger
4) Move up to get Andre Smith
5) Draft a RB or WR

Evaluation:  Pretty much nailed everything except the most imortant...  But OBD kept hinting they were going to draft a DE at #1, so I thought this was a smoke screen.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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