What we need and where we'll get it. (According to one crazy guy)

This isn't exactly a mock draft, I think there's plenty of those lying around here and mine really wouldn't be all that different from everyone else's. This post will be more about what the Bills need to acquire in the draft, my favorite prospects at each position and where I think the Bills will handle that particular position via the draft. Obviously they won't be able to fix every problem they have with one draft, but they'll grab at least 5 of these positions, I'm willing to bet.

I'll list the position in question, what round(s) I think they'll take their guy in, and who I think some likely candidates are. At the end I'll have a mini-mock draft with this in mind.

QUARTERBACK: 1st-2nd round; Jimmy Clausen, Sam Bradford, Jevan Snead, Tim Tebow

If the Bills do not get a QB in the first round I hope they don't get one at all. This team needs a franchise QB and they need it bad. There are only two QB's with first round talent this year and if they both pass by the Bills they can't afford a prospect that will take 2-4 years to even think about having a shot. That's how much the talent gap is between the big two and the rest of this class. There will be plenty of QB's to take next year if they fail this season, the rebuilding won't be done in one year! If they do take a QB in the second round, it will most likely be a big armed guy like Snead or (ugh) Tebow. I for one hope they don't make that mistake, I'd see it as jumping a hell of a gun. (I'll be honest, I would take a chance with Snead... if the team weren't in such a bad position of rebuilding.)

OFFENSIVE TACKLE: 1st-3rd round; Bryan Bulaga, Trent Williams, Vladimir Ducasse, Jason Fox

I think that it's more likely than you might think that the Bills go for something other than OT if both the QB's are gone at 9, with the way that Bell progressed last year. He didn't look fantastic for sure, but he certainly started to improve before he was injured. With that in mind, the Bills may look to round 2 or 3 to get a project like Vlad or a more sure thing like Jason Fox, who drops mainly because of injury history. If they do go in the first round I'm pretty sure Bulaga or Williams will be the pick.

NOSE TACKLE: 1st-5th round; Dan Williams, Mount Cody, Cam Thomas, Torrell Troup, Linval Joesph, Jeff Owens

This position is probably the hardest one to figure out, prediction-wise. We can all be pretty sure they won't try and take their franchise QB in the 6th round, and I'll be surprised if they draft an RB in the 1st, but their fix for NT could come at several places due to the large group of DT's with NT potential there are out there. I can see them grabbing Dan Williams at the 9th spot just as easily as I can see them holding out for Troup in the 3rd round or even waiting for Owens in the 5th. I could have even stuck Boo Robinson or Al Woods into the list and expanded it to the 7th, but I don't think the Bills will hold out any longer than the 5th, since the position is such an important one to fill.

OUTSIDE LINEBACKER: 2nd-6th round; Eric Norwood, Jerry Hughes, Koa Misi, Roddrick Muckelroy, Dekoda Watson

Another position that is of great importance to the Bills, but could get fixed at a lot of places in the draft. With the Bills' high draft position, I can't see them reaching for someone in the 1st round obviously. After that, fair game. Norwood would be a solid pick, Hughes might be as well if he manages to fall that far. (I've seen Hughes taken anywhere between the very end of the first and the middle of the second.) Misi is one of my favorite prospects being a Mountain West guy, he may even fall to the 4th where the Bills could scoop him up. After Misi I think the talent pool begins to dwindle.

RUNNING BACK: 3rd-7th round; Ben Tate, Joe McKnight, LaGarrette Blount, James Starks

Quite frankly, I could have listed almost every single RB available here. With Lynch all but gone, suddenly a little scatback isn't the goal any more; the Bills just need a good solid RB, any good one will do. There are far more important positions out there but if CHIX has a man they like in the 3rd round they might well pull the trigger. They might even take two if they don't have anybody else they like in the 7th round! The Bills just need some numbers in this position (not named Walter Mendenhall).

WIDE RECEIVER: 4th-7th round; Jordan Shipley, Mardy Gilyard, Dezmon Briscoe, Dexter McCluster, Jeremy Williams, Antonio Brown

Another position, like RB, that the Bills need bodies at but don't really have a particular type-need at. Also like the RB position, they can really solve this at any time in the draft. I could even see them taking Dez Bryant in the first round, even though I'd hate that pick. I think it's far more likely they get their guy later on since they got Chad Jackson, probably past the 4th round. This would probably have read 3rd-6th round before the Chad trade.

FULLBACK: 5th-7th round; Clay Harbor, Garrett Graham

I am a strong believer that the Bills will get an H-Back at some point in the draft with the new running offense that Chan plans to implement, Clay and Garrett are the best two in this draft in the really late rounds. I only have it listed as 5-7 because I have no idea how high they'll be taken.

INTERIOR OFFENSIVE LINE: 5th-7th round; Zane Beadles, Jon Asamoah, Reggie Stevens

This isn't nearly as important as anything else on here but since Incog wasn't resigned the Bills need warm bodies inside in case there is another spat of injuries like there was last season. The three I listed above are all guards, this is under the assumption that Eric Wood recuperates and manages to play next season as the starting Center with the Hangman as his backup.

With all this in mind, here's a miniature mock draft.

1. Jimmy Clausen, QB

2. Terrance Cody, NT

3. Jason Fox, OT

4. Dezmond Briscoe, WR

5. Ben Tate, RB

6. Dekoda Watson, OLB

6. Zane Beadles, G

7. Clay Harbor, FB/TE

7. Ted Larsen, C

Agreements? Disparagements?

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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