Bill's Secondary vs. AFC East WRs and TEs

So after the Miami Dolphins trade this morning I figure this would be an interesting article - to see how we currently match up with the rest of the division.

Buffalo Bills Secondary:

New England Patriots:




At first I was concerned about this offseason's acquisitions, but when put on paper I am neutral.

The best WR going into next season is Brandon Marshall.  Randy Moss is getting old.  Wes Welker is coming off an injury.  Braylon Edwards drops the ball too much.  Edelman may be the best WR in New England - his playoff performance was awesome.  And Santonio Holmes is a specimen but will be held by a "minor" suspension.

As a group - The Jets seam to be the most dangerous.  They have a deep threat, possession receiver, receiving tight end, and RBs to screen out of the back field

I like our combination of secondary players however I have a few concerns.  Leodis still has to prove his self.  His coverage skills are questionable....  Terrence McGee plays well, but I've seen him get burned by Moss way too much.  Donte Whitner still has to prove his former draft status.  And of course the communities favorite player is perfect for what he does - make big plays - Jarius Byrd.


So the question comes up - do we need to improve our secondary or are we going to be OK?

I think we will be OK - but the AFC EAST continues to stack itself with weapons.  And in this pass happy league - our defense has to keep up.  Although we do have other needs, and we will draft another position - lets look at the prospects none the less that could be available at the 9th spot.

  1. Eric Berry (S) Tennessee (4.4, 6', 211)
    Arguably the best player in the draft Eric Berry has been compared to the second coming of Ed Reed.  Eric Berry and Jarius Byrd together sounds quite attractive.
  2. Joe Haden (CB) Florida (4.4, 5'11'', 195)
    The best cover corner in the draft had a poor showing during the senior bowl, but made up for it at his pro day.  His tape shows his coverage ability and absolutely shows shutdown corner potential.
  3. Earl Thomas (S) Texas (4.35, 5'10'', 210)
    I love Earl Thomas - he's basically a second coming of Jarius Byrd.  Ballhawk and is exceptional in coverage.
  4. Taylor Mays (S) USC (4.35, 6'3'', 230)
    His coverage skills are questionable but his athletic ability is unquestionable.  He is a hard hitting, athletic freak - perfect strong safety to compliment a ballhawking safety like say.....Jarius Byrd?  And given the height of the receivers in our division - 6'3'' and 230lb sound quite attractive.
  5. Kyle Wilson (CB) Boise State (4.42, 5'10'', 190)
    Doesn't make big plays but has fantastic coverage skills.  Clearly the second rated corner in the draft.

Anyways hope you enjoyed the read

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