Final Mock Draft

1.  T Anthony Davis. Rutgers

Chris Brown is convinced the Bills are going to take a LT, Buddy Nix believes that teams that play in areas like Buffalo need bigger more physical lineman (see this site), and Chan Gailey wants to run the football.  Davis "fits the bill" if you will, in terms of satisfying the beliefs of these three gentelman.  He has athletic qualities like Jason Peters, and hopefully is not as much of a lazy ass.  He's a good pass protector and does a great job run blocking (something Gailey Covets).


2.  RB/WR/KR Dexter McCluster. Ole Miss

At this point, the only other two really good "scatbacks" are gone (CJ Spiller and Jahvid Best).  McCluster is VERY quick and does a good job catching the ball out of the backfield.  With Gailey being in his first year at head coach, expect the Bills to take two offensive players first.  

If the Bills do end up trading Marshawn for a second round pick to a team such as the Seahawks, look for them to snag a player like OT/G Vladimir Ducasse.  The Bills need to get bigger on the offensive line according to Buddy Nix, and Chan Gailey has said the Bills need more offensive lineman for depth.  Enter Ducasse, a 6'5'' 332 lbs OT/OG and the Bills get both a bigger lineman, and a great player for depth because he can play two positions.


3.  QB Timmy Tebow.  Florida

Buddy Nix, Chan Gailey, and Jim Kelly all like him. Gailey prefers athletic QB's, and there is no denying that Timmy close to if not the most athletic QB in the NFL draft.  Gailey also said the Bills are going to add another QB, and the only other guy that I could see him being interested in is QB Levi Brown from Troy.  However, Tebow is a better option than Brown in my opinion.  Tebow knows the game better having played under urban Meyer, has better intangibles, and has been a 4 year starter at Florida (this means a lot to Buddy Nix).  Of course Tebow will not start immidietly, but Gailey and George Cortez (who also reportedly likes Tebow) will groom Tebow while Trent Edwards or Ryan Fitzpatrick (probably Trent Edwards) is starting a QB

4. WR Blair White. Michigan St.

All I see for the Bills are more question marks than answers at WR.  Are 2nd best receiver is arguably Shawn Nelson who is a TE.  Further, the Bills only have 1 true slot receiver in my opinion (Stevie Johnson).  Hardy is a #2 Reciever (hopefully a #1 down the line), and chad jackson is a deep threat.  Having watched THE Ohio State Buckeyes a lot over the years, I have seen Blair White play in the slot receiver role a decent amount.  Let me tell you, this guy is the definition of consistent; he catches everything, is a very touch player who can take a hit, and is extremely athletic especially in short areas which makes him a great route runner.  Also, White has 4 yrs of production and return ability which Nix will love.

5. DE/OLB Cameron Sheffield. Troy

Considering the Bills just switched to the 3-4 defense, they have to start stalking up on DE/OLB's eventually.  Further, Maybin is a question right now and I still think he doesn't have enough lower body strength and girth when I watch him on tape.  Aaron Schobel might retire, and Chris Kelsay is also a question mark because he hasn't played this position in the NFL (although he played it well at times in collge).  Sheffield is 6'3'' 257 pounds which is basically the perfect size for the position.  Although he doesn't have the best straightline speed with a 4.85 forty yard dash, he does have pretty good short distance speed with a 1.64 second 10 yd dash.  He's also relatively explosive with a 35' vertical.  His success at the senior bowl playing as a 3/4 hybrid is noted here.

6. G Chris Degeare. Wake Forest

Even after drafting two offensive lineman, the Bills still need more depth at offensive line.  Although I don't know too much about Degeare, he is an offensive lineman who is big and fairly athletic, so he does fit the bill.  At 6' 3'' and 322 pounds with a 32.5 inch vertical, and a 1.71 ten yd dash I would consider him to be big and athletic.  I haven't seen any tape on him.

7. WR. Freddie Barnes. Bowling Green.

Sure, he's not very athletic, but all the guy does is produce and catch everything thrown in his direction.  This guy caught 136 yds per game last year which was 2nd highest in the nation next to Danario Alexander.  He played pretty well at the senior bowl catching everything thrown in his direction and running good routes.  The Bills could also use another receiver to add to their receivers mix.


Go ahead an tear it up! 

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