Since All the Cool Kids Are Doing It...

Since all the cool kids appear to be doing it, I thought I'd give it a try too.  So here's my mocky-mocky (this is my first Fan Post, so be gentle!).

OK, first I'm going to operate on two assumptions here: 

-They trade Lynch to the 'Hawks for pick 60 (I wish they had trade Evans, and this might be a pipe dream to get a 2nd for ML, but bear with me).

-They trade down to Pittsburgh (who takes McClain or Dez Bryant) and the Bills get picks 18 and 82.

So to use Bud Light's slogan, here we go: 

Round 1:  Brandon Graham DE/OLB: With the two day-one starting OTs off the table, and the two 'starting' QBs, we go with BPA.  And lord knows, we need a pass rush - esp with Schobel either gone this year or next.

Round 2 (1): Damian Williams, WR:  Again, BPA.  I think Benn is too much of a problem mentally, with the dropsies.  So I went with more of a sure thing with an established route runner who's played in a pro-style offense before and can start right away as a #2.

Round 2(2):  Vlad Ducasse, OG/OT:  Capable of playing at G right away (until Wood is ready?) and potentially a future starter at OT.  Just a matter of learning technique. 

Round 3 (1):  Daryl Washington, LB:  Can play inside or out, aggressive, flexible.  Could replace Mitchell or play side-by-side with Poz. 

Round 3(2):  Torrell Troup, DT:  Another Ducasse-like high upside but also capable of playing early kind of guy.  Would be a great addition to the rotation, AND a future every-down starter.

Round 4:  Jarrett Brown, QB:  A project, but Nix wants to add a strong-armed, mobile QB (don't we all).  Here he is.

Round 5:  Phil Dillard, ILB,:  More depth at LB.  A run-stuffer, and since we now have a 4th starting LB position to fill, we need to stock up.  Andra Davis won't play forever. 

Round 6 (1): Dex Briscoe, WR:  More depth at WR.  Decent potential, size/speed, playmaker.  Good value in the 6th.

Round 6 (2): Shawn Luavao, OG:  Bit of a grinder, but mean, very much in the Wood mold (although not as physically gifted). 

Round 7(1): Cliff Geathers, DT/DE:  Big potential guy, one more depth slot for the 'new' 3-4 DE model.

Round 7(2):  Kyle McCarthy, SS:  Heady guy, not all that physically talented, but a good football player.  A potential special teams stand-out purely on effort. 


So, if we hit on 5 of these picks (starters within 1-3 years) I think this is a success.  We create some depth in some need positions, and next year we draft a starting QB, a stud DE, and/or a new RB.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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