2010 NFL Draft OT Rankings

This is my attempt to project the top 10 OT's of the NFL draft. What there strengths and weakness's are and where they'll end up. Read more after the jump.

1. Russell Okung OT Oklahoma State- Russell is considered the consensus top LT available in the 2010 draft. He's a smooth natural athlete with great feet, a nice wingspan and strong arms.He's also a good cut blocker, and good positional blocker.  The concerns with him is that, he's not dominant in run blocking. So where will he end up you ask? Either Tampa Bay or Washington, with Washington being the favorite to pick him, and the Buccaneersbeing the darkhorse.


2. Anthony Davis OT Rutgers- Davis is the most intriguing prospect at OT in this years draft. He has the tools to be the most dominant lineman in this years draft when all is said and done. He has great, size feet, and strength. The problem with Davis is that he's lazy, and immature. He's a guy that's really hard to project but I still think he's a top 10 pick. I think he ends up on either the Bills or the Seahawks. I'd have the Bills as the favorites to draft him, with the Seahawks being the darkhorse.


3.Trent Williams OT Oklahoma- Williams is another good OT prospect. he's solid and he has a NFL ready frame. He tends to explode out of his stance and does a good job getting to the second level. His weakness's are he's not quite as fast twitch as some of the other elite LT prospects to come out. And there some questions about how he projects long term at LT. My money is that Williams ends up on either the Raider's or the 49ers. The 49ers would be the favorite to land him, with the Raidersbeing the darkhorse.


4. Bruce Campbell OT Maryland- Controversial ranking Campbell ahead of Baluga no?  Well theres a reason for Campbell being rated 4th. And that word is upside. Campbell is strong,fast, and powerful. Basically every physical tool you want your LT to have Campbell's got it. The weakness of Campbell is that he's very, very, raw, and has had some problems with nagging injuries during his career. That being said, he will be a top 20 draft pick. I believe he'll end up with either the Raiders or the Packers. With the Raiders being the favorites to acquire him, and Packers the darkhorse.


5. Bryan Bulaga OT Iowa-  The safest pick in this years OT class. He's also one of the younger OT prospects. He's another guy who's a nice physical specimen. His kick slide his second to none, and his arm length is adequate, he seems to be very intelligent as well. He does seem to lack some functional strength, which manifests itself as a certain inconsistency when run blocking. However that is correctable. I worry about Bulagas thyroid which is why I have him ranked one spot below Campbell. As to where he ends up, well I think he ends upon either the Chiefsor the Bills. With the chiefs being the favorite to acquire him, and the Bills being the darkhorse.


6. Charles Brown OT USC- Another quality OT prospect. He's athletic and long armed.And he has great, great, feet.  However he seems best suited for a Zone Blocking Scheme. There are concerns about his ability to maintain weight at the pro level. As to where he ends up, I have him going to either the Seahawks or the Texans. With the Seahawks being the favorites to acquire him, and the Texans being the darkhorse.


7. Tony Washington OT Abilene Christian- He's a massive, massive guy with all the tools you could possibly want from an OT. From a pure talent standpoint he's a first rounder.He needs to work on learning the LT position at the NFL level. At Abilene Christian his physical talent alone let him dominate, thats not gonna work in the NFL. So now that we've covered that let's talk about  his character concerns. In his defense it was along time ago, however it makes it really hard to project where he'll go.But if you held a gun to my head and asked me where do I think he's going, I think he'll be drafted by either the Cowboys or Patriots. With the Cowboys being the favorites to acquire him ,and the Patriots being the dark horses.


8. Roger Saffold OT Indiana- Hes another guy who can be considered a safe pick. He's a long time big conference starter. He has good strength, nice feet, and good arm length, and he's very athletic. I do worry that he's a tad narrow in the hips. He's a good run blocker, and he has a very nice kick slide. His weakness's seem to be mostly technique based, in that he'll occasionally set his feet to wide and get pushed around. And occasionally he'll alsoplay to high, and let defenders get into his pads. He's also not the best in line blocker in the world. I see him as a second round pick, with the Bills and Packers most likely to acquire him. I have the Bills as the favorites to get him, and the Packers as the darkhorse.


9. Ed Wang OT Virginia Tech- Ed wang is another big, big, man. He's a former TE who's converted to OT. He's avery,very, strong former TE as well. He's been somewhat inconsistent throughout his career. He tends to dominate bigger DE's but have trouble with speed rushers. He's a great run blocker with the ability to get to the second level, and put a hurting on linebackers. His weakness's are he's still very raw technique wise, and he really needs to work on his knee bend. He might be best suited at guard at the next level. I think he's most likely to end upon the Lions or the Patriots.  I think the Lions are the favorite to acquire him, with the Patriots being the darkhorse.


10. Jared Veldheer OT Hillsdale- The dude is huge. He's 6 foot 9. He has 10 inch hands. Kind of reminds me of Walter Jones at least frame wise. His technique isn't horrible, and he plays through to the whistle. And his footwork is suprisingly good for a man his size. The concerns with Veldheer are twofold, the first is the level of competition he faced, the second is his arm length. His arms measured at 32 inches which is very short for a man his size. He's been coasting by on his strength and athletic ability alone, it will be interesting to see how he reacts to facing elite athletes week in, and week out. I think the lions and the patriots are the teams most likely to acquire him. With the Patriots being the favorites, and the Lions the darkhorse.


Anyhow those are my conclusions, rip away.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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