Thoughts, Likes, Dislikes.......


  • Going into the draft, I reflect on the amount of knowledge of i have gained since January while reading and writing on Buffalo Rumblings.  Before a dedicated Buffalo Bills fan, I am a student of football - and the Buffalo Rumblings community has been the best of teachers.  Much appreciation to this Blog, it's administrators, and community members.
  • Phil's performance in the Masters was brilliant - much deserved victory for a classic athlete.
  • The Cavs have to win the NBA Championship if they want Lebron James to stay in Cleveland
  • The Buffalo Bills will not select Jimmy Clausen this Thursday
  • This has been the craziest, most active, most blockbuster NFL off season I have ever witnessed
  • Are the Jets the new Yankees?


  • Buffalo Rumblings
  • NFL Draft at Prime Time
  • This draft's depth
  • Jason Pierre Paul - I actually do not think he will be a bust
  • Our 9th place draft position - I think this year's draft is so unique with talent that almost any pick made by our administration will have some sort of positive impact on the organization. 


  • Walter Football - I enjoy the reads but Walter's brash and narrow minded nature is rather annoying.  I credit him for having greater knowledge about football - however he makes rather rash comments and fails to see two sides of stories.  I hate how he undermines Sam Bradford.  I realize Jimmy Clausen is a special player but he pushes it.  I hate when he calls Michael Vick "dog killer" rather than Vick.  I do understand that many people do not like Vick but come on - be a professional writer.  Some of his rankings are weird - especially secondary rankings.  I've enjoyed reading Walter since January but the more i read, the more annoyed I am.  just my opinion.  Oh and it pisses me off how much he undermines Matt Cassel.  I understand that Cassel is not a stereotypical, gun-slinging NFL QB - but I think Cassel is a good QB for a team that is undergoing a rebuilding process.  He is a lot like Chad Pennington - He does not have the greatest arm strength but he makes good decisions, is accurate, is durable, is a team leader, and a healthy face for the franchise.
  • The possibility of a holdout - especially with the way the NFL is growing and progressing.
  • Unhealthy obsession with "Lost" - it is quite detrimental to my mental health haha
  • The number of picks the Patriots have in this year's draft
  • 2 months - how long I have to wait until the next season of Entourage

-Pablo Escobar-

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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