NFL Mock Draft - Rd 1 (Trades and Controversy)

This is my more controversial version of the first round of the NFL Draft.  Put time into making the picks and trades.  Enjoy!

  1. RAMS - Sam Bradford (QB) - Oklahoma
    Bradford has had a brilliant off season - putting to rest any questions about his shoulder injury.  Bradford has the qualities to become a successful franchise QB

  2. LIONS - Ndamakong Suh (DT) - Nebraska
    Regardless of the off season improvements on the defensive line, Schwartz will take the best player in the draft and use him the same way he used Hansworth in Tennessee.  The defensive line will be set by the beginning of the season.  Offensive tackle can be taken in the second round, and the front office is quite optimistic about the current group.

  3. BUCS - Gerald McCoy (DT) - Oklahoma
    Bucs need a DT and McCoy will be a perfect fit for this defense.  He is a disruptive force and wrecks havoc behind the line.

  4. REDSKINS - Russel Okung (OT) - Oklahoma State
    There are talks that Trent Williams is a better fit for Shanahan's zone based scheme - but Okung is the real deal and prototypical franchise LT.

  5. EAGLES - Eric Berry (S) - Tennessee
    The Eagles trade their 24th, 37th, and 55th picks for Chiefs 5th and 100th pick.  Blockbuster trade.  Eagles have the firepower to make it - blocking Seahawks and Browns from possibly taking Berry.  Chiefs want to move down, and although they move down significantly - they now have four picks in the second round and this gives them firepower to move around.  Eagles need a safety and Berry is viewed by some as the best prospect in the draft.  Sure safeties are not taken this early but Berry is worth it.

  6. SEAHAWKS - C.J. Spiller (RB) - Clemson
    C.J. Spiller is with out a question the consensus top RB, and perhaps the consensus top offensive play maker in this draft.  Pete Carrol loves his dynamic running backs, and running backs in general.  Hawks can wait for their 14th pick to replace Walter Jones, or select a defensive end - but I do not think Carrol can risk NOT taking Spiller because he could be taken between picks 7 - 15.

  7. BROWNS - Dez Bryant (WR) - Oklahoma State
    If Berry was available - he would be the pick.  Jimmy Clausen is a possibility, regardless of the front office remarks concerning Clausen.  They do not have a #1 WR - although the receiving core in general is not bad.  Bryant is a physical specimen and veteran Jake Delhomme will keep his diza personality to a minimum.

  8. RAIDERS - Trent Williams (OT) - Oklahoma
    Trent Williams is flying up draft boards.  Not only is he a freak athlete - just as good as Campbell, but he is a superior left tackle product.

  9. GIANTS - Rolondo McClain (LB) - Alabama
    The Giants trade their 15th and 76th pick for Buffalo's 9th pick
    Giants filled their need at safety and the next biggest need is middle linebacker.  McClain is being compared to Patrick Willis and Ray Lewis and the consensus top linebacker in the draft.  The Giants pull the plug and trade up to make sure the Broncos, Jaguars, or Dolphins don't have a chance to pick him.

  10. JAGUARS - Jimmy Clausen (QB) - Notre Dame
    Garrard is not the long term answer at QB.  The Jaguars fans want a QB, and want a splash - that is exactly what Clausen will give them.  The Jaguars have to keep up with the high quality QB's in their division - Peyton Manning, Vince Young, and Matt Schaub.  Clausen is ready to play from day 1, and instantly improves this team.  Other needs can be addressed later in this deep draft.

  11. BRONCOS - Maurkice Pouncey (G/C) - Florida
    Pouncey might be the second best offensive line prospect in this draft, right behind Okung, and is with out a question the best interior lineman prospect in this draft.  Pouncey will instantly improve the offensive line and will be a started for the next 10+ years.

  12. DOLPHINS - Sergio Kindle (OLB) - Texas
    Joey Porter is gone.  Jason Taylor is questionable.  That puts a huge hole at the outside rush position.  Parcell's is an advocate of big 3-4 rush LBs and Kindle is a perfect fit.

  13. 49ers - Joe Haden (CB) - Florida
    49ers secondary is getting old, and in general needs to be improved.  Haden is the consensus top corner in this draft.  They already took care of their special teams need with the Dolphins trade. 

  14. SEAHAWKS - Anthony Davis (OT) - Rutgers
    Regardless of Davis age and maturity questions, he has massive talent - and the Seahawks are a perfect landing place for him because the Coaching staff - specifically Pete Carrol (HC), and Alex Gibbs (Offensive Line Cocah) will motivate and get the best out of him.  He will fill Walter Jones departure just fine.

  15. BILLS - Bryan Bulaga (OT) - Iowa
    Bills move down, acquire a pick, and still get their offensive lineman of choice.  And no this did not happen because I'm a Bills fan - mind you, I want Spiller and Clausen over Bulaga.  But this is a scenario I can see happening with specific teams desires to move up or move down.  Furthermore Bulaga is moving down many teams draft boards and Trent Williams is moving up.  Bulaga is a blue collar, hard working, polished athlete that can start from day 1 and fill that void at LT.

  16. TITANS - Derrick Morgan (DE) - Georgia Tech
    Titans have lost a lot from their defensive line the past few years and need to significantly improve their pass rush.  Derrick Morgan is the most polished of the defensive ends and the best, although JPP is considered the best - but mind you he is raw and will need some time to adjust. 

  17. 49ers - MIke Iupati (G/T) - Idaho
    49ers have a need at both left guard and right tackle.  Iupati can play both and the 49ers can rotate their line as such.

  18. STEELERS - Earl Thomas (S) - Texas
    I could see the Steelers trading Ben and moving up to put them in a place to draft Jimmy Clausen.  But for now I have the Steelers improving their secondary.  Earl Thomas is a ballhawk and will be a PERFECT compliment to Troy - just think about it.

  19. FALCONS - Brandon Graham (DE) - Michigan
    Falcons need to improve their pass rush.  They have a need at defensive end, and have aging outside linebackers.  Graham can play both and can immediately start at defensive end for the Falcons.

  20. TEXANS - Kyle Wilson (CB) - Boise State
    The Texans can go running back here - but they lost Robinson in the free agency and need someone to help slow down Manning.  Wilson is a self-proclaimed best corner in the draft - can play zone and man.

  21. BENGALS - Jermaine Gresham (TE) - Oklahoma
    A tight end is a QBs best friend and Gresham is by far the best tight end in the draft.  He will continue to help the Bengals open up their offense and take pressure off of Chad Ocho Cinco

  22. PATRIOTS - Jared Odrick (DT) - Penn State
    Meet Richard Seymour's successor.  Odrick is the perfect to play DE in a 3-4 system.  He has a high motor, polished, and is a significant play maker.

  23. PACKERS - Taylor Mays (S) - USC
    Packers defense is aging.  The packers play a very aggressive defense that promotes a lot of blitzing.  Mays has question marks - but the talent is there. 

  24. CHIEFS - Dan Williams (NT) - Tennessee
    Things could not have worked out any better for the Chiefs.  They acquired extra picks and got the best nose tackle in the draft to help cement that defensive line.

  25. RAVENS - Jason Pierre Paul (DE) - South Florida
    The Ravens have a few options here.  They could opt for a corner, safety, tight end, or nose tackle.  However the way I see it - JPP is an absolute freak of an athlete.  He is raw and with the right coaching, and right mentoring - he can utilize his massive potential.  I see the Ravens being a perfect place for him - not to mention that Ray Lewis and a few other defensive players are aging.

  26. CARDINALS - Jerry Hughes (LB) - TCU
    Cardinals have a few options.  They need a LT to protect their new QB, but they also need to improve their pass rush.  They opt for the latter in a very talented LB.

  27. COWBOYS - Bruce Campbell (OT) - Maryland
    Flozel Adams is gone - and that leaves a huge hole on the line.  Campbell is law but the athleticism is there.  With the proper coaching he'll be just fine, and the offensive staff in Dallas is good.

  28. CHARGERS - Ryan Matthews (RB) - Fresno State
    Meet LT's successor.  With the extra second round pick the Chargers do have an option to move up and try to snag CJ Spiller which would mean moving up quite high.  Matthews is an all purpose, all down back that will be a perfect fit for this offense.

  29. JETS - Carlos Dunlap (DE) - Florida
    Jason Taylor is coming to New York.  The Jets are just stock piling the talent.....but Taylor is getting old.  Dunlap can play DE and can play the OLB spot and will be a perfect successor to Taylor when he retires.

  30. VIKINGS - Devin McCourty (CB) - Rutgers
    Vikings desperately need to add to a depleted secondary.  DT is an option with Pat Williams eventual retirement.  QB is also an option because we are not sure what Favre wants to do.  McCourty is a physical corner with the speed and size to match.

  31. COLTS - Rodger Safford (OT) - Indiana
    Safford is flying under the radar.  He has the size, athleticism, intelligence, and attitude that will make him a perfect fit for the Colts locker room.  He will make an immediate impact and improve the protection for Manning's blind side.  Brian Price and CB is also a possibility but I like Safford here.

  32. SAINTS - Sean Weatherspoon (LB) - Missouri
    The Saints are lucky to have Sean fall right into their laps.  Greg Williams will love him.  He is smart, fast, and plays with aggression.  Perfect fit for the Saints.  Saints will need to find a RB in later rounds.

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