My One and Only Mock of the Year

I decided to wait until the night before to do a mock. This is without trades, even though i think we would benefit from dropping back and getting Dan Williams in the 1st, Rodger Saffold or Charles Brown in the second and move up in the second with some picks (3rd and a 6th) and get Tony Pike or Tebow in the later second.

We need to fill a lot of holes and it is going to take this year and next at the least. Our defense is young and talented for the most part. Mcgee, Mckelvin and Florence are a good secondary. Maybin, Davis, Poz and Mitchell/Rookie are a solid LB 3/4 core. Edwards-Williams/Harvey-Stroud is a good D line. We will need to fill the NT and replace Stroud. Williams or Spencer can fill that hole if need be for a few years.


Round 1

1.       Sam Bradford – St. Louis

2.       Ndamukong Suh- Detroit

3.       Gerald McCoy- Tampa

4.       Russell Okung- Wash.

5.       Trent Williams- Kansas City

6.       Anthony Davis- Seattle

7.       Eric Berry- Cleveland

8.       Bryan Buluga- Oak.

9.       Jimmy Clausen- Buff.

10.   Jerry Hughes- Jacksonville

11.   Demaryius Thomas- Denver

12.   Brandon Graham- Miami

13.   C.J. Spiller- San Fran.

14.   Dez Bryant- Seattle

15.   Rolando McClain- Giants

16.   Derrick Morgan- Tenn.

17.   Sean Weatherspoon- San Fran.

18.   Joe Haden- Pitt.

19.   Earl Thomas- Atlanta

20.   Maurkice Pouncey- Housten

21.   Jermaine Gresham- Cincinnati

22.   Jason Pierre-Paul- New Eangland

23.   Mike Iupati- Green Bat

24.   Sergio Kindle- Phili.

25.   Kyle Wilson- Balt.

26.   Brandon Spikes- Arizona

27.   Charles Brown- Dallas

28.   Ryan Mathews- San Diago

29.   Golden Tate- Jets

30.   Dan Williams- Minnesota

31.   Rodger Saffold- Indi.

32.   Jared Odrick- Saints

Round 2

        Terrence Cody

Round 3

        Jared Veldheer

Round 4

        Dexter Mccluster

Round 5


Round 6


Round 7


There is a lot of ways tomorrow can go. I will be ok with a LT at 9 or a guy like J. Hughes

I actually am ok without a QB in the top three rounds and see what we got this year in Edwards and Brohm. Fill LT.NT,OLB and we will be on our way to a great team. Either way i will have a good time watching.


Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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