Dzil Mock v2.0

 D-day is upon us and if you're a Bills fan you're likely holding your breath for the next couple days, waiting to see what the new face of our team ends up being.

  As much as I wanted to stand on my Mock v1.0 from Feb 2, developments and acquisitions since then make it impossible. My basic draft principles remain the same and the necessary adjustments have been kept to a minimum. I actually spent a considerable amount of time and research assembling v1.0 and I'm not willing to abandon my conclusions from that.

  I feel at least partially vindicated for my prior prediction of a draft day trade for Byron Leftwich. Rather than being unavailable, as was suggested by others, he has since been scooped up by the Steelers for a measly 7th round pick. He would have made a great transitional leader, while a young franchise QB was developing. Oh well.

  I do expect Buddy to do some horse trading in the first 2 rounds, possibly pick swaps or trades involving Schobel, Lynch or Edwards, but it's impossible to reasonably predict so I'll just stick with the picks we now have.

  So, here we go.

Round 1 (9) - LT Anthony Davis, Rutgers, 6'6 325. Nothing's changed here, Davis remains the best option at this point to fill a dire need. He is clearly more athletic and possesses more upside than the other possible option, Bulaga. However, if the Bills indeed are going after lefty Tebow, then Bulaga's natural fit at RT makes him the choice here.

Round 2 (41) - NT Cam Thomas, North Carolina, 6'4 331. Same as v1.0. I'm assuming Terrence Cody is off the board, if not then he will be the pick here. Torrell Troup is also a possibility here.

Round 3 (72) - OLB Eric Norwood, South Georgia, 6'1 246. Same as v1.0. Daniel Te'o Nesheim would be the alternative.

Round 4 (104) - WR Jacoby Ford, Clemson, 5'9 181. He was under the radar back in February, probably long gone by round 4 now. If so, then Emmanuel Sanders would be the pick here.

Round 5 (136) - OG  Marshall Newhouse, TCU, 6'3 326. I had Jared Veldheer in this spot in v1.0, but obviously the cats out of the bag on his potential, so I've moved Newhouse up from his 166 spot in v1.0. Alternative here would be Shawn Lauvao.

Round 6 (166) - RB Deji Karim, Southern Illinois, 5'9 210. Another pick from v1.0 that I've had to move up due to subsequent exposure to the masses. Alternative would be Alfonso Smith from Kentucky.

Round 6 (184) - QB Zac Robinson, Oklahoma State, 6'3 214. I had Nat Byham here, and would still take him, but the recent signing of Michael Matthews makes me think the blocking TE may not be on the board now. Tim Hiller was my QB pick at 195 in v1.0, but I'm thinking Gailey will pull for a more mobile player. Hiller would still be my pick, if a pocket passer fits the new scheme.

Round 7 (195) - DT Doug Worthington, Ohio State, 6'5 292. Homer that lives about a mile from the stadium. Alternatives would be Jay Ross or Travis Ivey.

Round 7 (201) - OT Chris Marinelli, Stanford, 6'7 301. Surprised he's still under the radar, but this guy would be outstanding depth for both tackle and guard positions, plus he's played TE. Alternatives here are J'Marcus Webb and Andrew Tyshovnytsky.


Well, there it is, folks. Before you flame me about not selecting a franchise QB, keep in mind that it will likely require a trade or pick swap to become a reality and I've committed to sticking with our existing draft order.


Fire away!

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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