Buffalo Rumblers Need Confidence and Patience

Hello fellow Rumblers....It has been quite sometime since i have posted on my favortie Blog Site for the Buffalo Bills.  I have never Been one to post during the season, but last offfseason I took some time to write up some fairly well researched articles on where the Bills could be headed for 2009.  A busted season later all that was, well for nothing. 

I also haven't posted because of the large number of newcomers to this site.  For those of you that didn't follow Rumblings 18 months ago it has grown exponentially in that time.  A great credit to Brian and the rest of the Rumblings staff for keeping us educated and entertained.  Even though you haven't seen my comments or posts I have followed Rumblings as close as ever.  My reason for jumping back into today were to reinforce Sireric's fanpost with my own Humbling experience during the draft weekend last year.

I was the first person to throw up a fanpost about my dislike for the selection of Jarius Byrd, a position thought to be strong and nowhere close to what we all deemed the Bill's "needs" list.  Proof of the Tyrant is right here.  While I'll admit I was completely wrong about the value of Byrd, I was spot on about Aaron Maybin (thus far). Then again not too many people were expecting big things from him.  If you were then I sympathize with you. 

I have really enjoyed seeing all the new users posting and commenting on a variety of Articles and needs.  Far too often though, people are put down for their ideas and strategies in the comment sections.  A lot of Rumblers come here for information they are lacking or to further educate themselves on Bills football.  Keep that in mind when someone has a different vision then you.  No one really likes being wrong and no one has to be in a sports blog environment.

After scanning through the thousand some comments, I am totally surprised by how many people were shocked about the C.J Spiller Selection.  Brian did a couple of nice write-ups about the Draft Luncheon where Buddy Nix specifically said "don't get us tied down with the 9th pick".  This year I took the time to sleep on our first pick and put my thoughts together about what it means so I'll end this post with those thoughts and endulge me with your own well thought comments after!

1.  The most important thing for a new front office and coaching staff to do is get their Face of the Franchise for their tenure however long that may be.  NTs and Ts are rarely the face of a franchise and simply don't get enough credit in the national media market.  Spiller can be the face of this offense for a long time to come.

2. I realize people were dying for a quaterback this year, but the draft did the explaining after all. Clausen was passed on by 32 teams.  The Rodgers and Quinn's of the world didn't make it that far in recent years, so I'm willing to bet 32 front offices must see something we don't.  I have no particular opinion on Clausen, just my factual observation.  Would he be a great pickup in the 2nd? Absolutely.

3.  I didn't realize how many of you loved Tebow as I do now.  I really don't understand why everyone is so upset.  Bringing him into a Franchise that needs a first round quaterback to be ready by year 2 at the latest is an extreme risk.  I get the intangible stuff we have beaten to death, but honeslty Denver is the perfect fit for him.  Orton is a solid starter, while Quinn May Flourish in a new setting allowing tebow to take the 2 or 3 years he may or may not need to develop.  There is no way the fanbase of Buffalo could wait that long for a first round quaterback to develop.  Again I don't have a particular opinion on Tebow himself, but he landed right where he should have.

4. I actually really like the Spiller pick.  Although Buddy says the right things about Lynch in the media, and I am a huge fan of Beast Mode, it's time for a divorce.  One off field mistake and an injury to Jackson and Buffalo wouldn't have a single quality running back to put on the field.  If you all believe in this front office as much as you say you do, then you must understand they didn't see a Franchise player on their "needs" list at pick 9. 

The Draft is an unexplainable process at times and Buffalo can't fix it's roster woes in one offseason, let alone the first offseason of a brand new organization of management.  Have at people!

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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