Marcus Easley - Want to know why we took him?

I personally never heard of this guy and I must say after reading the scouting report from Draft Nasty, I am not surprised that we took him so high.

Make no mistakes gentlemen, Buddy Nix & Chan Gailey have a plan.  We will be a top running team this year and I seriously doubt that teams will be able to run over us anymore.  They are fixing a serious problem that we've had for many years.  I personally have been advocating to return to smash-mouth football here in western NY for a few years now and judging by our first 4 selections, I am really really encouraged.

No surprise that we needed a WR in this year's draft, especially since the departure of Owens, Reed & Jenkins.   People might be surprised at the Marcus Easley pick but they shouldn't be, he fits the plan perfectly.  He is Big & fast, good character and very coachable, an excellent blocker and exceptional ST player, see why he's a good choice?


I've been saying for a few months now that Rome wasn't built in a day and that I loved the fact that Chix seemed to have a solid plan, so far they have not disappointed me at all.  I wasn't expecting it but they definitely have drafted quality players that will be huge building blocks towards rebuilding the Run offense & Run defense.  I like the way they've addressed areas that they know are weak and have not panic'd in the areas that they aren't certain (ie QB & OT)


After the jump you'll find the Draft Nasty scouting report:


Big receiver with plenty of room to develop his game. Reportedly ran 4.39 at last year’s pro day. Solid run blocker that will execute his assignments. Will obliterate safeties and linebackers on crack blocks (South Florida 2009). Will maintain his blocks well if he gets his hands on a defender. Easley can overpower most CB’s attempting to press him at the line of scrimmage. Has a deceptive outside release off the ball. He has shown the willingness to go across the middle for the big grab. Effective on slant routes because he uses his big body to shield off defenders. Runs the fade route well. Does a good job of setting up the defender off the line to get him in trail mode, thus allowing him room to go up and make the catch. Will fight for position even if he runs a bad route. Does a good job of running after the catch and often requires two defenders to bring him to the ground (South Carolina 2009). Exceptional special teams player; has played some gunner on the punt team.


The biggest concern for Easley will be his inexperience as a pass catching threat at wide receiver. He lacks the first step explosion to force a defensive back to rush into his pedal and will often take a false step off the line of scrimmage. At times, his first 5 yards can be short and choppy. He has a bit of a hitch step when trying to create separation, which will cost him at the next level against CBs with good recovery speed. He is not very effective on screens, mainly because he lacks the lateral agility to be elusive. Marcus shows stiffness in the hips, especially when running the 6 route. Questionable understanding of route concepts when he’s not to the single receiver side. Struggles to break down in space to mirror a defender after 10 yards. Needs to improve his route running. He lacks the sudden burst to get in and out of his breaks. One of the things he has to become more adept at his ability to catch the ball away from his body.

Other Notes

*Scored in each Big East Conference game this season *3 straight 100 yard receiving performances this season (all against conference opponents) *Registered a touchdown reception in five straight contests (again, all against conference opponents)

Our Summary...

A few years from now, Marcus Easley will be one of the names you hear to encourage all walk-on players there is hope. Prior to this season, Easley came in with just 5 receptions in 29 career games for the Huskies. He was primarily asked to block, but this season under new offensive coordinator Joe Moorhead, he was asked to increase his role as a pass catcher. Uncertain of who would be the teams #1 receiver, Easley made his claim by starting all 13 games and scoring in every Big East contest this season. His lack of production prior to this season will be a concern, but not enough to keep him from being a draft pick this April.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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