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    Sergio Kindle (LB) - Texas (Pick 2.11)
    Terrence Cody (NT) - Alabama (Pick 2.25)
    Ed Dickson (TE) - Oregon (Pick 3.6)
    Dennis Pitta (TE) - BYU (Pick 4.16)
    David Reed (WR) - Utah (Pick 5.25)
    Art Jones (DT) - Syracuse (Pick 5.26)
    Ramon Harewood (OT) - Morehouse (6.25)

    What can I say.  The rich get richer.  Kindle will perfectly fit into the Ravens defensive scheme - and learn from the best in Ray Lewis.  Terrence Cody will engulf opposing offensive lineman (multiple) allowing the rest of the defense to make plays.  Dickson, Pita, Reed are great picks at those points in the draft only enhancing the weapons available for Joe Flacco.  Art Jones a great 5 technique and gives the Ravens depth at defensive line.  Harewood is a great pick up to add offensive line depth.

    Ravens NOT the Jets are my AFC favorites.  They fixed their holes, added weapons for Joe Flacco, and improved an already potent defense.


    Russel Okung (OT) - (Pick 1.6)
    Earl Thomas (S) - (Pick 1.14)
    Golden Tate (WR) - (Pick 2.28)
    Walter Thurmond (CB) - (Pick 4.13)
    EJ Wilson (DE) - (Pick 4.29)
    Kam Chancellor (FS) - (Pick 5.2)
    Anthony McCoy (TE) - (Pick 6.16)
    Dexter Davis (DE) - (Pick 7.29)
    Jameson Konz (WR) - (Pick 7.38)
    Acquired Lendale White (RB) and Leon Washington (RB) - via trades

    Seahawks get the best tackle in the draft, get the best ballhawking safety in the draft, a playmaker in tate, and a Taylor Mays style safety Chancellor.  Carrol got the running backs he needed - his former bruiser and a playmaker in Washington.  I love what Carrol did this draft.

    Carrol will be just fine.  He drafted brilliantly.  Seahawks will be just fine.

  3. SAN FRANCISCO 49ers (A)

    Anthony Davis (OT) - Pick 1.11
    Mike Iupati (G) - Pick 1.17
    Taylor Mays (S) - Pick 2.17
    Navorro Bowman (LB) - Pick 3.27
    Anthony Dixon (RB) - Pick 6.4
    Nate Byham (TE) - Pick 6.13
    Kyle Williams (WR) - Pick 6.37
    Phillip Adams (DB) - Pick 7.17

    The 49ers had a great draft - this draft has Singletary written all over it.  The trenches were REALLY strengthened.  Joe Staley, Anthony Davis, Mike Iupati together rocking and rolling.  I love the physical pick in Anthony Dixon.  I love Taylor Mays in that secondary.  Great draft.
    Rolondo McClain (LB) - Pick 1.8
    Lamarr Houston (DT) - Pick 2.12
    Jared Veldheer (OT) - Pick 3.5
    Bruce Campbell (OT) - Pick 4.8
    Jacoby Ford (WR) - Pick 4.10
    Walter McFadden (DB) - Pick 5.7
    Travis Goethel (LB) - Pick 6.21
    Jeremy Ware (DB) - Pick 7.8
    Stevie Brown (DB) - 7.44

    I know that Al Davis is the butt of every football joke imaginable - but the crazy man has been in the game for a very long time.  Now whether he was responsible for this draft or not is not my problem.  But the Raiders are a prideful franchise and I'm glad they actually had a logical draft.  I like all the picks - and they still got their workout warrior in the fourth.



    Tyson Alualu - 10th overall?  What...
    I think the only pick I actually like is Austen Lane in the 5th but - I think they are doing the opposite of trying to sell tickets.

  2. BEARS

    Thee bears had only 5 draft picks.  I like the Major Wright pick and the Corey Wootton pick, but after investing so much into Jay Cutler what was the point in drafting Dan LeFevour?  And what happened to giving Cutler some help at receiver?  Thank God for Martz.


    Eagles gave up a lot to move up to take Brandon Graham - although I do love the pick.  Nate Allen is a great pick in the second round.  After that, I am confused in what direction the team was going.  There is a giant hole at guard, and under achieving play at left tackle that was never addressed.  I don't know how I feel about Mike Kafka as a developmental quarterback.  I don't know how much they improved the team this offseason....


  • CJ Spiller (RB) 1.9     A+
    Love the pick - only RB like him the draft.  Dynamic play maker - just what we need to jump start our offense.  BPA when it was our turn to select.  Love it.
  • Torell Troup (NT) 2.9      C
    I'm a bit confused about this pick.  I felt like this was a reach and a need?  Cam Thomas, Terrence Cody, Livnal Joseph......I guess time will tell.
  • Alex Carrington (DT) 3.8      A+
    I love this pick.  Carrington is a perfect 5 technique.  Adds more depth to the defensive line.  But I'm a bit confused on the rotation will be with Kyle Williams, Marcus Stroud, Dwan Edwards.......
  • Marcus Easley (WR) 4.9      B+
    Love Easley since the draft process started.  Hard working, highly talented, big, physical, and strong receiver.
  • Ed Wang (OT) 5.9     A
    Perfect player to fill in need on offensive line.  Ed Wang is good, very good.
  • Arthur Moats (DE) 6.9     A
    Another great pick - build quality depth behind Maybin to help flank Poz and Mitchel
  • Danny Batten (DE) 6.23      B+
    Very high motor edge rusher.
  • Levi Brown (QB) 7.2     C+
    We finally choose a QB.  But he is a project.  Very raw.  You never know...
  • Kyle Calloway (OT) 7.9     A
    Another way to add depth and talent to the offensive line.  Calloway dropped a lot.  Some projected Calloway as a second round talent.  Nice gift to fall into the laps of the Bills.
    Clausen was available for the Bills in the 2nd and McCoy was available for the Bills to draft in the 3rd....Why not?  Cody was available for the Bills in the 2nd.  Why not?  Cam Thomas went in the 4th.  Sergio Kindle was available for the Bills in he 2nd.  Charles Brown, Bruce Campbell were available in mid rounds but we did not bite?  Why did we wait so long to take a tackle?
  • In Nix I trust.  I trust Nix.  He is a football guy.  He knows football much better than we do.  So i trust his decisions much more than previous regimes.


  • I am fine with the Buffalo Bills not taking a quarterback in the early rounds - although McCoy was available in the early third and Clausen was available in the second.
  • Trent Edwards was not in a fair position last year.  First he is named the starting QB in the off season.  Then his offensive coordinator is fired before the season begins.  Then he plays a GREAT game against the Patriots.  Then he is blind sided by an enormous sack and receives a serious concussion.  Then DJ is fired and Fewel favors Fitz.  His confidence must be down in the dumps and that's not fair.
  • Edwards is smart, reads the field well, has a fast short release, works hard, watches tape, is accurate, good size and height, and appropriate arm strength.  His biggest weakness is durability.  So I think we should all put our faith in Mr. Edwards....

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