The "O-Line sucks" argument. (Or: The offensive line is not just one dude)

The Buffalo Bills do not have the worst offensive line in football. This is contrary to popular belief, I'm sure, but I think it's true. The Buffalo Bills might be in the bottom half of the league but they certainly aren't the worst. The idea that the Bills have one of the worst if not the worst line in the league seems to stem from the idea that missing a Left Tackle somehow invalidates every single other member of your line.

Remember last year? That Patriots game and that Bucs game? The O-line didn't look too bad! The STARTING line didn't look very bad at all, and it certainly wasn't their fault that the Bills lost that Pats game! (Sorry, Leodis...) Eventually the injury bug began to hit the line hard and it slowly deteriorated into something slightly more solid than swiss cheese. Hell, the only one to keep their position the entire year was our decent but not solid Center, Hangman.

This year I'd argue that we actually increased the capabilities of the line. Take a look at the STARTING line last year;


Now potentially what it could look like this year;


Here's the differences I can spot that may be for the better;

*Hangman is gone from that line, eliminating the 2nd weakest point of the line from last season (Bell being the other one)

* Butler is gone, which might as well be the case anyway since he probably wouldn't have escaped without injury by week 3. I'm not sure if Cornell Green is really an upgrade per say, but he's experienced and should hold the line well. If not, there is a lot of possible competition at RT to take his place.

* Levitre and Wood both showed great growth throughout the year and in this scenario, Wood is playing his natural college position of Center. Those two are the most talented members of the line and they should hold the interior beautifully.

* Bell certainly couldn't be much worse at LT than he was last season. If he cuts down on the penalties I'd say he's even a pretty decent if not mediocre option.

* The jury is out on Calloway, being the new blood, but he was a darn good lineman at Iowa.

My point is that if you're assuming that this line is so bad that CJ Spiller and Fred Jackson aren't going to be able to do a thing behind it, I think you should think again. The only real question mark is at Left Tackle, and while that might be the most important part of the line it doesn't diminish the youthful talent at the rest of the line. Assuming that injuries don't destroy the line like they did last year I dare say this line will surprise.

Does it work in reverse? If we were playing with nothing but UDFA scrubs on the interior but had the best LT of all time would that be considered a good line?!

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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