Random Thoughts Following The Draft Weekend

I wanted to take a couple of days before posting my thoughts, because I didn't want to write when feeling too emotional about who the Bills did or didn't pick.  Here is my take on the weekend:

- At first I was truly shocked by the Spiller pick, but in retrospect I feel it made perfect sense.  He is the most electric playmaker available, and can provide a spark that the team hasn't had in some time.  Whether out of the backfield, wildcat, or in the slot, he is a true threat every time he touches the ball.  Fred Jackson is on the wrong side of 30, and who knows how much he has left in the tank.  Some say it was a luxury pick, but I feel he was drafted with an eye towards the future.

- If 2 of the additions on defense pan out, our opponents can be struggling to put points on the board this year.  Our front 7 is much stronger than it looked 5 days ago, even if Schobel does not return.  Troup seems to have all of the intangibles that one would look for in a NT.  When I read his quote about going running at 2 AM, I couldn't help but think that Mount Cody has never done anything like this in his life.  Troup could eventually be a steal from this draft if he works as hard as he said he does.

- I was a bit surprised by the number of picks the team made from small schools.  Not that there is anything wrong with these players, but it was just something that stood out.

- While the team didn't get one of the elite LT prospects out of the draft, I was at least happy to see them add some depth.  If we are going to be a run-oriented team this depth should help as the season progresses.  I would still like to see the team add a veteran or two to the O-line prior to camp.

- I thought ESPN's coverage on Thursday and Friday was terrible.  None of the analysts seemed to be on cue, and there was plenty of side chatter taking place on-mic.  Berman and Jackson don't have a good feel for the college game, and Steve Young just seems like he enjoys hearing himself talk.  My only gripe about Gruden is he seems to "love" everyone.  Kiper seemed frustrated as he couldn't have an intelligent discussion with anyone on set.  I thought things were much better on Saturday with Kiper, Mcshay, Wingo, Jaws, and more Sheff and Mort. 

- A lot of people don't like Mcshay, but I think he does a good job.  He does his evaluation on players, and sticks with his analysis.  He doesn't seem to buckle to what others say, and he always holds his own against Kiper.  I'm not saying he is awesome, but I would rather here him than Steve Young any day.

- Trent Edwards - it looks like you NFL career has gotten a bit of a do-over.  Maybe the problems he had last year weren't all his fault, and DJ's comparison to the early years for Drew Brees were interesting.  If I were Trent, I would be on the phone with my receivers every day, finding a time when we could get together to work out.  Spend the time with Hardy, Johnson, and Easley to develop that rapport going into camp.  Ignore the skeptics and get to work.

Thanks for reading my rant...have a great day.

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