The 5 positions that still need addressing.

I just read Kurupt's post about the 6 Bills breathing a sigh of relief but lets not forget this offseason is not even close to being over its only April.

The Bills to me are not far away from contending, unlike some of my other aquaintences that share their opinions on here  seem to think. So here are my 5 positions that still need addressing

1.) Eric Wood is a long shot to return this year so why not go out and grab Faneca, Faneca is a proven run first guard and if the Chan Gailey assessment is right the Bills are going to run the football so why not grab a vet who can help the run game.

2.) Hangartner should be on a very very very short leash this year I in my life have never seen a centre struggle so much with shotgun snaps, its almost embarassing that we went out and gave this guy a legitimate contract last year he was pathetic last year, he coult run block or pass block. Theres gotta be an undrafted free agent centre out there that we can give a shot to or move wood over and sign Faneca like i stated previously.

3.) A fullback, this team has been in serious need of a full back for years, I cant even remember who our last legitimate full back was I'm sorry Corey Mac but you have to go, I would have loved to have seen the drafting of Conner but hey fullback is a position you just dont throw a pick at, you can easily grab a FB off the free agency wire or even an undrafted rook.

4.) Recievers, I really like the drafting of Easley and I think Hardy can do the job and Spiller is going to see some time in the slot but i ( this is where other disagree with me) dont think Stevie Johnson can get the job done we made a huge mistake in letting my boy Josh Reed go but there are plenty of guys that could come in here and help out this ball club ( Kelly Washington,Dominique Hixon, Isaac Bruce)

5.) OLB, it has been stated over the last few month this team needs guys to get to the QB, and just yesterday the 49er's snagged a great pass rush guy in Travis Laboy. If Maybin and schobel are our OLB's I'm a happy guy even if Kawika and Maybin are our guys im happy but when A guy like Adalius becomes available you have to grab him especially a team like the Bills who are so young and are in desperate need of some leadership Adaliuus Thomas fits the bill, or even a guy like Derrick Burgess throw him in on first down to give some of these guys a break I understand Buddy's hand are tied until Aaron gives his official word but that shouldnt stop youy from grabbing quality football payers.


I think the Bill have a real real good shot of sticking it to the Jets this year, the Jets went out and spent alot on not so much character guys if you get them rattled I think ypou have a real good shot a beating them Sanchez is not a GREAT QB, and the dolphins grabbed Marshall but hey Dansby cant save a defense he couldnt do it in Arizona so why all of sudden is Miami's D so much better with him I dont get it and the Patriots have always had better coaching then us thats been the difference between us and them but hey Gailey's supposed to be a great football mind, if we can goo .500 in the division we have a great chance of making the playoffs we just need to adress some not so major needs.


Paully P 4 Prez signing out.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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