Who runs the best 3-4

I would just like to take a minute from my day to talk about all the so called questions everybody has about our beloved Buffalo Bills!

Did we waste a draft?, Did we make the right picks?, Have we had a good offseason?

The answer nobody knows, Nobody will know until the season is over, Everybody is saying how Seattle had the best draft in the NFL, well what if Okung breaks his leg first game, Washington never heals properly and becomes a bum, Lendale white goes back to being 30 pounds overweight, and Thomas cant read NFL  QB's like he did College Qb's well wouldnt Seattles draft suddenly not look so good, or the exact opposite could happen and Seattle wins the superbowl.

MY POINT no one knows so we shouldnt dog any decisions until they are proven. Now to my post,

If you look at the best 3-4 Defenses in the NFL (Ravens,Steelers,49er's & the Jets are getting there)

what do they all have, An absolute stud at MLB: (Lewis,Farrior, Willis, & Bart Scott)

Big powerful fast OLB's: ( Suggs and they rotate the other side, Woodley & an aging Harrison who rotates with others on passing downs, Spikes and they rotate the opther side, Calvin Pace and they just picked up Taylor but they rotated last year) and I'm gunna throw the cowboys in on this one because they have probably the best OLB in the game right now in Ware.

A monsterous Nose Tackle: ( Ngata, Hampton, 49ers are iffy at this spot, but they had a developmental year last year and I think they found there man in Khalif Mitchell & Kris Jenkins)

A fantastic safety: Ed Reed, Troy Polamalu, Micheal Lewis & Leonard

None of these teams have what you would call a dominant secondary until you look at the Jets and they have possibly the best corner to have played football since Champ Bailey in Revis but they all situational corners on passing downs.

Now what do we Have with the Bills?

Well I think Paul Posluszny is a stud MLB, some might disagree but this guy does it all

Big Powerful OLB"s? well Maybin has potential to be like Lamar Woodley, keyword potential, and schobel I think might be a little slow but can be a situational player sharing time with Kawika and others.

A Monsterous Nose tackle? Well only time will tell with Troup but if he does turnout we are staring to take the shape of a dominant 3-4.

A fantastic safety? Heres where the major question lies, because Donte Whitner while some seem to like to pick on my boy Whitner he can play and is as fast and as mean as all those other safties that I previously mentioned but he lacks the playmaking ability that those guys possess but Jairus Byrd on the other is a huge playmaker so can I live with having a quick, hard hitting, good tackling, but lacking in the big play department safety. Yeah I can live with that.

What sets us apart from these other teams is our secondary is extremely deep, From 1-6 all our db's can play and can play well, lets not forget our starting corners missed all together almost every game last year if you add both there missed games up.

So my point im trying to make is we have the makings of a very very good defense in strong part to the draft addressing the D and not so much the offense. So only time will tell but kudos to Buddy for fixing up this defense to hopefully make it one of the best 3-4's in the NFL

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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